Performance Enhancement Technique | Spiderman Crawl Modification.

EAD | CFAH resident physical therapist Chris Arce and Coach Karen demonstrate a Spiderman Crawl modification.


EAD | CFAH resident PT Chris Arce & Coach Karen demonstrate a modification to the Spiderman Crawl in this week’s Performance Enhancement Technique video.

The Spiderman Crawl is one of the more challenging movements in the EAD | CFAH Dynamic Warm Up. Some athletes skip the Spiderman Crawl in fear of holding up the line. Or, they replace the movement with a hybrid of a high hip Spiderman and Bear Crawl.

Instead, athletes working to develop a full Spiderman Crawl should try the modified version demonstrated in this week’s Performance Enhancement Technique video.

Step out of the Dynamic Warm Up line and complete 8 – 10 repetitions per leg of the modification until you master the movement.

The Spiderman Crawl helps improve hip extension, shoulder stability, core strength, and overall coordination. Be sure to see Chris or an EAD | CFAH Performance Coach if you have questions about this week’s PET.

Check out EAD | CFAH athlete Nic G demonstrating the fully-developed Spiderman Crawl.


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