Pride. Commitment. Success.

It started six weeks ago for some to simply see if they had what it takes. For others, it was to chase a dream and perhaps compete at the next level. And for all, it would become an intense physical and emotional challenge.

The 2011 CrossFit Games Open certainly had its share of drama. But the story that will live on in the Elite Athletic Development / CrossFit Arlington Heights / CrossFit Axis community will be of athletes who made us incredibly and indescribably proud.

Jim S gives it his all during a Games Open WOD.

We will relive tales of seasoned competitors, along with athletes who were just weeks ago in Fitness Boot Camp, logging PRs. Of athletes who refused to yield to a weight that was just thismuch too heavy. The visiting athletes who enriched our community. Competitors who fought through injury, obliterated self-imposed barriers, bounced back from soul-searching lows, celebrated awe-inspiring performances, unquestionably supported their fellow athletes, and deepened their commitment to their long-term development goals.

We will measure the success of our athletes by the path each chooses to take from here, not by where they ranked in the worldwide standings. The six-week Games Open gave us a chance to spotlight strengths and expose weaknesses. What will set our athletes apart going forward is the commitment to confront, address and convert those weaknesses into strengths.

Congratulations to the Elite Athletic Development / CrossFit Arlington Heights / CrossFit Axis athletes who accepted the challenge of the 2011 CrossFit Games Open, and who are now ready to commit to taking their performance to the next level.

Elite Athletic Development / CrossFit Arlington Heights / CrossFit Axis 2011 CrossFit Games Open Team
Justin Bailey
Alida Bray
Brandon Bocianski
Scott Carlson
Malaika Corsentino
Jennie Foreman
Jacqueline Haynes
Jim Inman
Karen Stoychoff Inman
Mike Katsenios
Mike Kolander
Jessica Maciejewski
Mary Kate McCarte
Dave Mode
Laura Mode
Rory Oliver
Brian Olson
Samantha Olson
Kristen Parenti
Amy Procarione
Joshua Refenes
Becky Rivard
Becca Sheade
Josh Sroufek
Jim Struck
Craig Stucker
Jennifer Vautier

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