Ready to Fuel Maximum Performance?

PerformanceFuelingPrescription.EditYou’ve admired the dramatic changes. Enhanced body composition. Improved performance. Increased confidence. You’ve asked “How did he do that?” If you’re ready, we’ve got the answer: the EAD | CFAH Performance Fueling Prescription.

A new EAD | CFAH Performance Fueling Small Group starts Monday, March 14, 6 p.m. – 7 p.m.  Register today.

We developed the Performance Fueling Prescription to help our athletes create an eating plan unique to their performance and body composition goals, and based on the optimum mix of protein, fats & carbohydrates, or “macros,” to help them achieve those goals. The Nutrition Small Group includes access to PFP program tools & resources, weekly meetings (3-5 athletes per group), weekly meal planning adjustments, and direct access to a nutrition specialist by email, text or phone. The Nutrition Small Group | Performance Fueling Prescription is $35 / week with a two-month initial commitment. Questions? Email

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