It’s About Results. Not Resolutions.

Do More than Resolve. Make 2018 the Year You Achieve.

People who make New Year’s Resolutions are 10 times more likely to achieve their goals than people who don’t [1]. Yet 75 percent of resolution setters abandon their goals within just seven days [2]. Make 2018 the year you squat squarely with the 25 percent of people who keep their resolutions to Day 8 and beyond. Join the Elite Athletic Development | CrossFit Arlington Heights Community as we commit to Results. Not Resolutions.

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Get Started. Complete Your 3-2-1 Goal! Planning Templates Today.

We’re confident you’ll achieve sustainable change—within the confines of EAD | CFAH, and throughout your life—if you commit to Results. Not Resolutions. Start the EAD | CFAH Results. Not Resolutions. program by completing the 3-2-1 Goal! Planning Templates. The first template will help isolate training goals, 3-2-1 Goals! Worksheet, and the second, 3-2-1 Goal! Training Schedule, will help build a realistic training calendar.

Results. Not Resolutions. Areas of Focus.

We based the EAD | CFAH Results. Not Resolutions. program on our more than 150,000 athlete training hours with students, adults and seniors, plus the latest training protocols from collegiate and professional sports research. The program areas of focus are:

  1. Goal Setting. Research shows that people who set aggressive—yet realistic—goals, accomplish more than those who set more modest goals. Be sure to set up time with Coach Karen if you’d like suggestions on how to set goals, or if you have questions on how to build your 12-week training program.
  2. Strength Training. Strength training is unique in its ability to increase power, force and speed; build muscle mass; drive metabolic efficiency; and improve body composition. Shake up your training schedule and commit to the upcoming Strength & Conditioning Cycle. You’ll be glad you did.
  3. Skill Development & Mobility + Recovery Work. The EAD | CFAH Training Imperative is Work + Recovery = Results; cheat either side of the equation and your results will suffer. Period. Not sure where to begin? See an EAD | CFAH Performance Coach for suggestions. And, check in with our resident physical therapist, Chris Arce, for your free movement screen.
  4. Technique & Movement Quality. Strive for exceptional movement quality, form and technique, and full-range-of-motion, from the minute you start the Dynamic Warm Up to your very last rep in the WOD to Cool Down. No shortcuts. No cheats.
  5. Performance Fueling. Most people in this country are overfed, yet under-nourished. Don’t be one of them. Schedule an individual nutrition assessment with Coach Karen, a certified sports nutrition specialist. She’ll work with you to reinforce what you’re doing right, and encourage the changes consistent with your training goals.

Embrace Your Resources.

Making change—any change—requires organization and perseverance, and demands grace. Take full advantage of the resources available to you throughout the EAD | CFAH Community. Regularly check in with Performance Coaches. Connect with fellow athletes. Acknowledge progress. Celebrate success. Seek out support to help you recover from potential setbacks. And most importantly, commit that 2018 will be the year to achieve your best.


[1] Journal of Clinical Psychology
[2] University of Scranton

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