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Join Us Sunday, May 25 for the Salute, Inc. Tactical Challenge sponsored by Elite Athletic Development | CrossFit Arlington Heights. Individual & Team Categories. Adult and Student Athletes welcomed!

The Competition Begins After the 5k.


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May 28, 2012 Update l 2012 Event Wrap Up
Competition tough; difficulty of event catches many by surprise l Pictures posted Event results posted

Before the men picked up a 40-pound sandbag and the women a 20-pound sandbag; before they used that sandbag to complete 100 total reps of CrossFit Games Push Ups, Ground to Overhead lifts, Anchored Sit Ups, Bag Hop Burpees, and a 25-foot Army Crawl; the top finishers in the inaugural Salute, Inc. got freedom? Tactical Challenge ran the 5k leg of the event fast enough to medal in their respective age groups.

EAD / CFAH / CFAX athlete Brian “Biggo” Olson and Vincent Tagare of Chicago blazed on to the Tactical Challenge field course in just over 18 minutes; the winning time in their age group was 19:40.8. The first woman on the course, Lisa Veneziano, 47, of Fenton, MI, quickly followed Olson and Tagare, along with her husband, Jay Owens, 50. Based on official race results, the top 10 Tactical Challenge participants would have finished in the top 10 or better in their respective 5k age groups.

Tagare and Olson entered the course together and then battled their way through the five movement stations and 100-yard sandbag run transitions. Tagare ended up just edging out Olson for top honors in the men’s division. Rounding out the top five was Owens; Gerald Brown, 37, Lombard; and, EAD / CFAH / CFAX athlete Austin Kennedy.

Veneziano won the women’s division, followed by EAD / CFAH / CFAX athletes Kim Greenstein, MaryKate Olsen and Lisa Raucci, and CrossFit Caliber athlete Amanda Phillips. The CrossFit Arlington Heights women traveled from station to station in near unison, motivating and challenging each other along the way.

The team trophy went to event sponsor CrossFit Arlington Heights based on the finish times of Olson, Kennedy, Greenstein and Olsen.

Collectively, event participants lugged almost a short ton of sandbags point-to-point more than 500 yards. At some point, every participant struggled with how to carry or use the heavy and awkward sandbag in the movements. Many concluded that perhaps their current workout routine was not as effective as they thought, particularly after completing 25 Bag Hop Burpees. One competitor commented as he exited the Tactical Challenge course and merged into the 5k run finish line chutes that the event was “…no @*# ing joke … but I’ll be back again next year.” One onlooker suggested adding a Tactical Challenge to the 10k run. Several said they wished they would’ve given the event a go. Dozens of intrigued and eager onlookers tried the Tactical Challenge after the event concluded. Most said they plan to try the event in 2013.

Sixty-one people registered for the Salute, Inc. got freedom? Tactical Challenge, with 58 completing the event. The event raised almost $3,000 to help Salute, Inc. with its mission to help meet the financial, physical and emotional needs of the military service members, veterans and their families.

Congratulations to EAD / CFAH / CFAX athletes who participated in the event: Brian O, Kim G, Lisa R, Mary Kate, Austin, Kelly B, Elizabeth L, Mike M, Heidi, Kevin T, Fernando, Phil A, Ron R & his son Nathan, Angie L, Nick H, Val H, Laura M, Kate R, Bertie & her daughter, MaryAnne N, John O’ & his son Conner, Licia, Jenn F, Amy C, and David H.

Thanks to EAD / CFAH / CFAX athletes and performance coaches who volunteered: Coach Josh S, Coach Becky, Coach Alida, Coach Kristen, Coach Jenn, and athlete volunteers Mia, Sammy, Melissa K, and Jackie B. And a special thanks to Arlington Heights Boy Scout Troop 34 for helping direct 5k runners on to the Tactical Challenge Course, and guiding them as they transitioned from station to station.

Have feedback about how we can make the 2013 Salute, Inc. got freedom? Tactical Challenge even better? Let us know!, or post a comment below.


May 21, 2012 6:30 p.m. Update

Chase the link to view a short video demonstration of four of the five movements — the Army Crawl is self-explanatory — included in the May 27 Tactical Challenge. Questions? Email


May 21, 2012, 11 a.m. Update

In the spirit of those who have served our country, we expect all athletes competing in the Salute, Inc. got freedom? Tactical Challenge to understand course movement standards and complete all stations and reps with the integrity befitting those that we honor. Course marshals will be available to answer questions and direct athletes, but honoring movement standards and completing reps with integrity are the responsibility of each athlete. Movement demonstration videos will be posted later this week.

Athletes will exit the 5k run course approximately 50 meters before the finish chutes. They will pick up a sandbag — 40# / men (green sandbags) 20# / women (white sandbags) — and use it to complete movements at five Tactical Challenge course stations. Tactical Challenge course is located in a grassy field located adjacent to the American Legion Hall at 121 North Douglas (Miner & Douglas).

Station #1. 25 Hands-Release (CrossFit Games) Push-Ups. Set down your sandbag and complete 25 Push Ups from a military / plank starting position, to the ground (chest touches), lift hands from the ground, and then push back up to full extension of elbows. Push Ups may be modified to knees, if necessary. Pick up your sandbag and head to Station #2.

Station #2. 25 Ground-to-Overhead Lifts. Squat down, pick your sandbag up and lift it to a straight overhead position. Lower the bag back down to the ground under control (do not drop) and repeat for 25 reps. Carry sandbag to Station #3.

Station #3. 25 Anchored Sit-Ups. Set sandbag across your feet and complete 25 Sit-ups with bent knees, hands touching the ground above your head and then coming up between your knees to touch the sandbag each time. Carry sandbag to Station #4.

Station #4. Army Crawl. Crawl, scoot and drag yourself and your sandbag through the tunnel. Do not touch the tape or you’ll incur a 1 minute penalty. Head to Station #5.

Station #5. 25 Bag Hop Burpees. Set your bag on the ground and drop into a Burpee alongside of it and then jump laterally over the bag and complete another. Chest must touch the ground each time and hands must clap overhead, Return your sandbag to the pile, exit the Tactical Challenge course and run through the finish chute.

Awards for the Tactical Challenge will be presented to the top 5 men and top 5 women, along with a special trophy for the fastest team (top two men’s + top two women’s times).

There is no special equipment required for the Tactical Challenge. The Salute, Inc. got freedom? The race begins at Miner School, 1101 East Miner (Miner & Dryden), and finishes at Recreation Park (Miner & Belmont).

Email with any questions.


May 21, 2012, 10 a.m. Update

The online registration link for the inaugural Salute, Inc. got freedom? Tactical Challenge was unfortunately de-activated prior to the Saturday, May 19, midnight deadline. As a result, race organizers have re-activated the link and extended the deadline for race registration to 7 p.m., Wednesday, May 23. Register today!


April 25, 2012 Update
SALUTE, INC. got freedom? TACTICAL CHALLENGE IS MAY 27, 8 a.m.
Registration closes May 19!

Register for the Salute, Inc. got freedom? Tactical Challenge by May 8 and receive a 34-oz. aluminum water bottle.

Register for the Salute, Inc. got freedom? Tactical Challenge by Tuesday, May 8 and receive a 34-oz. BPA-free aluminum water bottle!

The Tactical Challenge adds a CrossFit-style field course challenge to the 9th annual got frededom? 5k / 10k and 5k walk. Tactical Challenge athletes will run (or walk) the got freedom? 5k, peel off the main course, and complete the field course challenge before they cross the finish line.

Prizes and bragging rights will be awarded to the fastest overall man and woman, plus the top team. In addition, the top team will take home the got freedom? Tactical Challenge Traveling Team Trophy. A team can include as many people as you can gather (minimum of four; two men and two women). The team score will be the combination of the top two fastest men’s and two fastest women’s times.

The Salute, Inc. 5k got freedom? course is USATF certified. The race begins at Miner School at 8 a.m. and ends at Recreation Park. Your $55 entry fee includes a commemorative event technical performance shirt.

Questions? Email

January 15, 2012 Update

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