Slurping a Sweet Paleo Treat.

Contributed by Coach Karen
We all deserve a small treat every now and then — even during the EAD / CFAH / CFAX 30 Day Paleo Challenge. One of my current favorite Paleo-friendly indulgences is just few miles up the road from Elite Athletic Development / CrossFit Arlington Heights at Tropical Smoothie (Arlington Heights Road & Rand Road).
My smoothie of choice is the Blimey Limey, a refreshing mix of mango, strawberries, pineapple and orange & lime juice. A 24-ounce serving — order yours without sugar or non-nutritive sweeteners — contains 11 grams of fructose, well within our target of 25 grams or less of fructose per day. You’ll find the smoothie plenty sweet without sugar … even the two teens who frequent Tropical Smoothie with me order their drinks sans sweetener. As with all carb consumption, be sure to pair your smoothie with a protein source and healthy fat.
If the flavors of the Blimey Limey don’t tempt you, Tropical Smoothie has several other Paleo Challenge-friendly options, and most have comparable fructose content. Chase the link for a Tropical Smoothie Nutrition Calculator (NOTE: the link will not provide fructose content).
Food for Thought. What have you found to be surprisingly easy — or a bit more challenging than you anticipated — about eating Paleo?
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