Strength & Power WOD/ MetCon WOD 09.26.11

Strength & Power:

 Power Clean, Front Squat, Hang Power Clean Review:


 5 Sets:

 2 Power Clean – 85% 1RM

 10 Pulls on Rower (As Hard and Fast As Possible)

 rest 3 min between


 5 Sets:

 Every 90 sec.

 Barbell Complex:

 1 Power Clean

 1 Front Squat

 1 Hang Power Clean

 (Should be heavy and hard every set)

 Record Weight for both

Possible sign that you gave all you had during a workout.



As many sets in 5 minutes:

Power Clean x 1

Front Squat x 3


*During each set can’t drop barbell, scale weight accordingly

rest 2 min

As many reps in 4 minutes:

Alternating Pistols (free standing, on box, to box, hanging on to pull or bands)

rest 2 min

As many rounds in 3 minutes:

5 burpees

5 sit ups (unanchored)


How to Wake Up and Feel Alert (<—Click to View)



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