Strength & Power WOD/ MetCon WOD 09.28.11

Strength & Power:

Shoulder Press



Some of the Ladies (Kelly B, Val, and back of Jenn V) getting crazy at the MetCon class.


 5 Rounds for time or total reps:

 10 Push Press (65-70% of 1RM Shoulder Press)

 20 Jumping Pull Ups

 *Time Cap is 8:00


 For Time:

Every Minute on the Minute perform:

24’ Broad Jump

6 Clapping Push Ups

In the time remaining perform

“x” Push Press (95/65)

*Workout is complete once you get 100 Push Presses.



There has been some debate as to whether or not Brad Pitt is a “Movie Star” based on the idea that he has not done well in making movies where he is the lone star vs having an “All Star” cast (Think Meet Joe Black, Troy, Moneyball vs Ocean’s Eleven, Inglourious Basterds, Fight Club).  Based on this info, A.) is Brad Pitt a Movie Star or simply an actor?  and B.) Who would you list as an actor who no matter what movie they made, you would go see it because they are in it?



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