Strength & Power WOD/ MetCon WOD 12.22.11

Strength & Power:

Shoulder Press
*Find a 1 Rep Max Shoulder Press

*You are being asked to find a 1RM, your best possible lift. Then you do not do grueling sets leading up to this as you would with the previous workouts.


Partner AMRAP:
6:00 Min. Row (For Total Meters)


Not For Time
3 Sets:
10 Back Ext.


For Time Total Time:
Row 1K

Rest 5:00 Min.

Thruster (95/65)
Atomic Sit Ups

Rest 5:00 Min.

Jumping Pull Ups
Ab Mat Sit Ups

Rest 5:00 Min.

50 Burpees

**There is a 5:00 Min. Cap on each workout


 Rippin & Tearin

*Watch the video above and post any and all thoughts to

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