Strength & Power WOD / MetCon WOD / Elite Training Camp 02.14.12

Strength & Power:



(Each set is done at 90% 1 RM with 3-4 minutes off between sets)


Partner Pull Up Ladder 1-6-1 (Chest To Bar)

(You do one pull up, then partner does one pull up, you do two, then you partner does two,…all the way up to 6…then you come back down.   Total of 36 CTB Pull Ups.)


6 Rounds:

:30 on/:30 off

Rowing (Max Meters, All Out Effort)



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Deadlift Form & Technique Work:


4 Rounds for Total Reps of:

1 Minute ME (max effort) Chest To Bar Pull Up

Then 3 minute AMRAP of:

*5 Deadlifts (275/185)

30 Double-Unders (3:1)

Rest 3 Min.

*Scaling options Men:  275/225/185 or lighter,  Women:  185/135/95 or lighter

Notes: Only FULL ROUNDS count for 3 minute AMRAP. Anything short of a full round DOES NOT count for total score.


Elite Training Camp:

Clean Progtressions

Push Jerk

Split Jerk

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