Strength & Power WOD / MetCon WOD / Elite Training Camp 04.24.12

Phil swinging overhead

Strength & Power:

– Power snatch – 70% x 1 x 5
– Power clean & jerk – 70% x 1 x 5
– Clean Pull – 90% x 2 x 3
3 Rounds for Time:
Run 250 M
15 Russian KB/DB Swings (70/50, or scale, but try and go heavier where form is not sacrificed)

Note:  For those following the S & P Cycle here are the schedule options for maxing out the Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and Front Squat

  • For those following the M-Th (Fri. off) Sat (Sun. off), best option to max out will be Sat. morning at 8:00 Advanced Class.
  • For those that can’t make Sat. morning, Friday’s S & P class will also be a max out day, but ensure you are coming into this fresh.  Meaning it   would not be wise to do M-Th, then come in on Fri. and attempt a max.  In that case, take a rest day Thursday.
  • For those that can make neither, you have the option of maxing out at the Open Gym on Sunday morning at 9:30 AM.  For those that are doing this, same as above, take a rest day prior to maxing out.

Hopefully every athlete following the cycle can make it to one of these three days.  Record numbers as we will build on these in the future.


Monday's 5:30am class tackles the MetCon WOD

Power Snatch Form & Technique
For Time:
Run 800 M
30 Power Snatch – (115/75)
Run 800 M

Elite Training Camp:

Snatch Progressions
Overhead Squat

The Mental Switch


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