Strength & Power WOD / MetCon WOD / Elite Training Camp 05.22.12

Strength & Power:

3-3-3-3 (90% of 1RM) (Rest 3-4 Min. between)
Snatch Complex:
Every Minute on the Minute for10:00you have 1 attempt at:
Snatch Grip Deadlift
Hang Snatch
(Note: You cannot let go of the bar, snatches can be power or full squat, only get 1 attempt per minute, 10 attempts total to achieve highest weight)


Lots of squatting taking place as the Sun was going down during yesterday's MetCon.


DB Deadlift/KB Snatch Form & Technique Work
Tabata (:20 on/:10 off) (4:00total at each)
DB Deadlift (70/40)
KB Snatch (50/30)
Rowing (Cal)
Vertical Line Touch (12in above reach)

Elite Training Camp:

Snatch Progressions
Overhead Squats

Wit and Wisdom of Mark Rippetoe

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