Brute Camp Registration Now Open.

BruteCampRegistration is now open for Elite Athletic Development | CrossFit Arlington Heights Brute Camp, a new class programmed for athletes game for a more intense and competitive training option. Brute Camp is a high-performance class and open to athletes who achieve four of the six performance standards. Additional performance standards will be tested over time. Brute Camp will meet weekly on Sundays, 9 a.m. – 10 a.m., starting June 1. The first week will be Performance Standard Testing. You won’t know if you’re ready until you try. Take the challenge.

Brute Camp Performance Standards

1RM Deadlift
Men, 1.75 x Bodyweight
Women, 1.40 x Bodyweight

Mile Run
Men, 7:30
Women, 9:00

Dead Hang Pull Up
Men, 3
Women, 1

Strict Push Ups
Men, 25
Women, 8

1000m Row
Men, 3:45
Women, 4:30

1′ Sit Ups
Men, 40
Women, 40