12.11.17 | CrossFit, Strength & Conditioning, Boot Camp, Youth Athletic Development, Open Gym and Training Essentials.

Job well done by the 25 EAD | CFAH Athletes who put their training to the test at Saturday’s In House Powerlifting Meet (not pictured: Michelle G). Read more about the event.

Programming Notes.

Strength | EMOM x 10
Odd: 5 OH Squats @ ~50-60% 1RM
Even: 40s Plank Hold

MetCon | 13 Minute AMRAP
20 Hang Snatch (45 / 35)
20 Ball Slams
20 Hang Snatch (75 / 55)
20 Ball Slams
20 Hang Snatch (95 / 75)
20 Ball Slams
In the Time Remaining –> AMAP Hang Snatch (115 / 95)

Strength & Conditioning
Note. The remainder of December programming will track with the Fall programming. The first Strength & Conditioning Cycle of 2018 will start the week of January 1.

Back Squat | 3 x 5

Press | 3 x 5

Deadlift | 1 x 5

Accessory and / or Skill Work + Stretch / Mobility Work

Boot Camp
Join Coach Jim at 4:30 p.m. for Monday Mayhem.

Youth Athletic Development
The older Primary School and Middle School students join Coach Web at 4:30 p.m. for Strength and Conditioning work.

Open Gym
Make up a missed workout or work mobility on your own at 9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. or 4:30 p.m. – 7:45 p.m.

Training Essentials
Week #2, Class #4

Free Class Challenge | Wednesday at 6:45 p.m. or Saturday at 9 a.m.
Encourage the peeps in your life to check us out. Register now.


PRs Aplenty at the Winter 2017 EAD | CFAH Powerlifting Meet.

Congrats to All Competitors | Watch for Info on the Spring 2018 Powerlifting Meet

The months of dedicated training, steadfast commitment, and perfected technique paid off for the 25 athletes who competed at the Winter 2017 EAD | CFAH Powerlifting Meet.  Athletes rang the PR Bell throughout the morning amid cheers from fellow EAD | CFAH Athletes, and family & friends. All competitors earned bragging rights, with the top three men and women who posted the heaviest combined loads across the Back Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift taking home a trophy. The December 9 competition culminates the Fall 2017 Strength & Conditioning Cycle programmed by Coach Kate.

Congrats to the podium finishers (from left): Christine B, Sara M, Sammy Jo, Nick J, Mike E, and David K. Check out more photos from Saturday’s event on the EAD | CFAH Facebook Page.

Saturday’s event ran similar to an “official” Powerlifting meet, but in a much friendlier and far more familiar environment. Check out the Deadlift portion of the event on the EAD | CFAH YouTube Channel. Athletes competed in divisions based on gender and weight class athletes. Athletes in the 40-plus division received a handicap in increments of five years (40-44, 45-49, and so on). Job well done by Saturday’s competitors: Adam, Alex J, Ann Marie N, Beth R, Casey J, Christine B, David K, Eitan, John S, Jonathon B, Julian, Julie M, Lauren K, Lucy, Mike E, Michelle G, Mike Mu, Nic G, Nick J, Nina, Bob Da, Sammy Jo, Sara M, Tom H and Todd N. Thanks to Coach Kate for running the meet, and Coaches Web, Jeff, Jim and Jason for serving as judges. A special shout out to Hannah A for taking pictures.

What’s Next

The Strength & Conditioning Cycle for December will be similar to the recent cycle, with the new cycle programmed by Coack Kate launching January 2. The Winter months are the perfect time to focus on Strength & Conditioning. The programming is always featured as part of the daily workout posting. Not sure if the Strength & Conditioning class is for you? Check in with an EAD | CFAH Performance Coach.



10.28.17 | CrossFit, Rowing Boot Camp, Boot Camp & Youth AD.

Join us at 7 a.m. (no pumpkins) or 9 a.m. (with pumpkins) for our annual WOD Spooktacular. Customs encouraged, but not required. Previous experience training with pumpkins not necessary.

Rowing Boot Camp
Join Coach Karen at 7 a.m. for a wet version of the WOD Spooktacular.

Strength & Conditioning
Front Squat
3 x 5

3 x 5

1 x 5

Accessory and/or skill work

Stretch/Mobility work

Boot Camp
Join Coach Karen at 8 a.m. for a modified version of the WOD Spooktacular.

Youth AD
Join Coach Web at 10:15 a.m. for a kid’s version of the WOD Spooktacular.

10.27.17 | CrossFit, Strength & Conditioning, and Boot Camp.

Coach Web celebrates with EAD | CFAH Athlete Patrick C after the Buffalo Grove Bison defeated crosstown rival Rolling Meadows. Patrick’s stellar performance earned a shout out from the Chicago Tribune.

Schedule Reminder …
Join us on Saturday at 7 a.m. or 9 a.m. for our annual WOD Spooktacular. Please be sure to register for class.

Strength | EMOM x 10
Odd: 7 Pause Back Squats (40-50%)
Even: 14 KB Suitcase Deadlifts (challenging weight)

Metcon | 14 minute AMRAP
6 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)
6 S2OH (135/95)
6 Pull Ups

Strength & Conditioning
Front Squat
3 x 5

3 x 5

1 x 5

Accessory and/or Skill Work

Stretch/Mobility Work

Boot Camp
Join Coach Sammy Jo at 4:30 p.m. for Freaky Friday



Today’s Whiteboard does not include scores / activity from Boot Camp, Strength & Conditioning, or Training Essentials athletes.

10.27.17 CrossFit Whiteboard.


Tactical Challenge Course Released

2016SaluteMovementOverviewThe 2016 Salute, Inc. Tactical Challenge course is now posted … and there is still time register! Event host, Elite Athletic Development | CrossFit Arlington Heights, donates 100 percent of event fees to help Salute, Inc., in its mission to meet the financial, physical and emotional needs of military service members, veterans and their families.

Head over to the Event Facebook Page to watch the 2016 Salute, Inc. Tactical Challenge Movement Demos or visit the Event Web Page to learn more. If you have any questions, OR if you would like to volunteer at the event, please email Karen@eadperformancecenter.com. Thanks for your support of Salute, Inc.

2016 Salute, Inc. Tactical Challenge Course Overview

2016TacticalChallengePromoWelcome to the 2016 Salute, Inc. Tactical Challenge. Event host, Elite Athletic Development | CrossFit Arlington Heights, donates 100 percent of event fees to help Salute, Inc., in its mission to meet the financial, physical and emotional needs of military service members, veterans and their families.

Please take a moment to review the following event information and watch the 2016 Salute, Inc. Tactical Challenge Movement Demos. If you have any questions, please email Karen@eadperformancecenter.com. Thanks for your support of Salute, Inc.

  • Participants run the Salute, Inc. 5k until they reach the Tac2016SaluteMovementOverviewtical Challenge Course entrance, which is located at North Hickory Avenue & East Miner Street, just short of the 5k finish line chutes. From there, participants will proceed through the nine-station Tactical Challenge Course.
  • Station #1 | 20 Burpees. Starting from a standing position, participants will place both hands on the ground, jump or step both feet back to a plank position and then drop until the chest fully touches the ground. Participants will then push up to the plank position, jump or step both feet back to the hands, jump or stand up, reaching both arms overhead to clap as they do. Video Demo.


  • Station #2 | Low Crawl. Participants will Army Crawl under a low barrier.
  • Station #3 | 20 Sandbag Ground to Overhead. Participants will pick up a sandbag from the ground (40# Men / 20# Women), lift it overhead until both arms lock out, and then return it to the starting position on the ground. Participants may complete the overhead portion of movement in one of the following ways: Thruster, Press, Push Press, Push Jerk or Split Jerk. Please do not drop or throw the sandbag or you will incur a 10 Burpee penalty. Video Demo.
  • Station #4 | Bear Crawl. Participants will Bear Crawl from Station #3 to Station #5. Video Demo.
  • Station #5 | 20 Hands Release Push Ups. Participants will start from a plank position, lower their body until their chest touches the ground, lift up both hands, place both hands back on the ground, and push up until they return to the plank position, with arms fully extended. Video Demo.
  • Station #6 | Cone Hop. Participants will hop or step over a series of cones of varying heights. Video Demo.
  • Station #7 | 20 Pair Overhead Plate Lunges. Participants will pick up a bumper plate (25# Men / 15# Women) from the ground and lift it overhead until both arms are fully locked out. Participants will then step out until the front leg achieves roughly a 90-degree angle and the back knee touches the ground. The Participant will continue to alternate stepping out and back to complete 40 repetitions of the movement (20 right / 20 left). Video Demo.
  • Station #8 | Low Crawl. See Station #2
  • Station #9 | Burpees. See Station #1.

Mike O’N Named February 100% Award Honoree.

03016iPhone 101

Mike O’N marks the start of each workout with “Let’s go, 5 a.m.’ers” and a bit of unique choreography.

Congratulations to Mike O’N, the February 2016 100% Award honoree. Mike was nominated by Kelly B, Steve H, Juan & Jeff G, his fellow “5 a.m.’ers” from the CrossFit and Strength & Conditioning classes.

Mike started with EAD | CFAH in September 2009 as a member of one the first Fitness Boot Camp sessions offered, and now reigns as one of our longest-tenured athletes.

Fellow athletes describe Mike as selfless, supportive, determined, disciplined, willing, kind, considerate, tough, and inspiring.

“Mike is a true leader in the 5 a.m. class,” said Kelly B. “He has a way of pushing everyone in the class just a little bit further, without over doing it. He’s always willing to help out … he evens parks in the back in the morning so there are more spots close to the door for everyone else.”

Steve H concurs. “Mike inspires others around him; he never takes the easy way out and pushes himself to get better every day. It is usual for Mike, after he finishes his WOD, to stay and urge on his fellow 5 a.m.’ers to finish strong. He is a powerful motivator and is always there for others.” Steve also marvels at Mike’s attendance. “Anyone who makes the 5 a.m. class more than twice a week has an uncommon level of discipline … Mike usually makes the class five days a week. ”

Mike is the self-appointed Good Morning Ambassador to anyone new to the Sunrise Crew. “He always has a positive attitude at 5 a.m., which is hard to do,” said nominator Juan. Steve remembers Mike as “the first guy to come up and talk to me, and help me out with explaining the workout or parts I didn’t know. Over the past couple of years, I have seen him do this over and over again.”

“He exemplifies ‘do the most you can,’ and readily encourages others, reminding them that not everything has to be Rx,” said Juan. That’s an attributed also recognized by Jeff G. “His attention to detail, especially with lifting techniques, has helped me and other athletes. Mike encourages classmates regardless of their skill level and promotes a caring community.”

We will honor one EAD | CFAH athlete each month with the 100% Award. The award honors EAD | CFAH Athlete Malaika Corsentino who gave 100 percent to her training, even while undergoing chemotherapy and radiation for Glioblastoma. The monthly honoree will be selected from nominations submitted by EAD | CFAH athletes and evaluated by the performance coaches. The nomination deadline is for the March 100% Award is Monday the 28th. Email Coach Karen with the athlete name and a quick sentence or two describing how the nominee demonstrated commitment, consistency, camaraderie, community building, and / or the willingness to accept challenge.

Register Today! Battle Royale, Saturday, Sept. 26.

2015BattleRoyaleJoin us Saturday, Sept. 26 at 9 a.m. as we host our friends from EPIC Power & Conditioning | CrossFit EPC (owned by former EAD | CFAH athletes Heather R & Josh R) for a fun, all-levels cross-town competition & potluck cookout. REGISTER NOW.

The competition is FREE, and will feature three workouts. The workouts will be released the week of September 7. Can’t make the competition? Join us for the potluck cookout. Questions? See Coach Karen.

John O’ Says It’s Time to Give Yourself a Break.

Thanks to EAD | CFAH athlete John O’ for taking time to once share his thoughts with his fellow athletes; this is John’s third blog post. An EAD | CFAH athlete since November 2011, you can usually find John O’ training with the early morning crew weekdays and on Saturday mornings. Have a thought or two you’d like to share with your fellow athletes? Let us know … we’d love to hear from you!

CrossFit by its nature is competitive. It’s easy to get caught up in the WOD and look at your results and sometimes feel defeated. I think it’s time you gave yourself a break.


John O’ encourages us to redefine what it means to win.

When you start CrossFit, I wish the coaches would give each athlete a yardstick with that athlete’s name on it, because the true nature of CrossFit is to get a little bit better each and every day. The only person you have to measure up against is yourself. Give yourself a break.

I recently came back from a month off due to injury, and the first workout I showed up for was Partner Murph. While I felt sorry for my partner Laurie R, and was sucking wind by the sixth round, I did not hyperventilate and nearly pass out on the second run like I did last time. For me, that was an improvement. While I was not as strong as Laurie in the WOD, I gave myself a break and felt good about finishing better than I had before.

Set your goals, ask your coaches how to go about achieving them, and get to work. That’s all you need to worry about. Over my three and a half years coming to EAD | CFAH I have said, or heard, things like this after bumping fists with fellow athletes after a workout or PR attempt:
“Yeah, but I scaled it.”
“I couldn’t do the pull-ups (fill in double-unders, toes to bar, etc. here).”
“I only increased my PR by 3%.”

Give yourself a break.

Commit to your goals.

Commit to your goals.

The only measure anyone cares about at EAD | CFAH is whether you are committed to getting better. Did you finish? Great. Try to finish faster next time. You did one round of the WOD Rx? Awesome. Do one more next time. You did three Pull Ups without a band? Work on getting four next time. It’s all about the measure of yourself and your effort. If you are willing to give it all, and put yourself out there, I promise that the coaches and your fellow athletes will rise up to support you and celebrate with you at every accomplishment.

If you ask any coach or athlete at EAD | CFAH, I would bet that the greatest joy that each gets out of coming to CrossFit and being part of this community, is seeing people do things that they didn’t think they could do. When you see the look of pure elation on the athlete who just did their first Double Under, first Pull Up, first Muscle-Up or first Rope Climb, it is an awesome thing. Give yourself a break when it comes to comparing yourself against others. Set your goals, go about the work of achieving them, and we will all celebrate you.