CrossFit Women WOD l 11.05 p.m. & 11.06 a.m.

Remember to vote Tuesday, Nov. 6!

WOD the Vote! l For Time

Select six movements — three from each party — from the following list and complete them for time. The rep count for the movements tallies 270, which is the number of Electoral College votes required to win the presidential election. The movements may be done in any order, and you must complete each movement before proceeding.


45 kcal Row (this is a sprint … not a paddle!)

45 Box Jumps

45 Push Jerks (55#)

45 Wall Ball Shots


45 Weighted Sit Ups (10#)

15 HSPUs, Kick Ups or Wall Walks + 15 Pull Ups + 15 Hands Release Push Ups

5 Laps Farmer’s Walk (30# each side)

5 Laps Bear Crawl (1 Lap = 54′)