EAD | CFAH Athlete Nick J Transforms from “Big” to “Strong”

This is another in a series of personal reflections contributed by Elite Athletic Development | CrossFit Arlington Heights athletes about the mental, physical and emotional changes experienced since joining our health & fitness community. Nick was a member of the May 2013 Training Essentials session. His wife, Jennifer, now pregnant with their first child, joined EAD | CFAH a few months later. After regularly attending MetCon classes (now called CrossFit) for several months, Nick added Strength & MetCon classes to his training schedule. That experience re-ignited his love for lifting heavy, and Nick quickly became a regular in the various EAD | CFAH strength-biased classes — PowerBuilding, Strength & Power and Strength & Conditioning.  Nick credits the EAD | CFAH Training Community with dramatically improving his health. This is Nick’s story.

My whole life I have been a “big” guy. For a time while I was playing football, “big” might have actually referred to strong. Mostly though, it has just meant fat. For pretty much my entire life, my weight has fluctuated up and down, mostly up, peaking about the time I graduated college. Years of eating and drinking to excess caught up to me eventually, as it does to everyone. It was bad; I was severely overweight and very unhealthy.

Nick J has transformed his body composition since starting at EAD | CFAH.

Nick J has transformed his body composition since starting at EAD | CFAH.

I knew that I had to do something about my weight, and moving back to Chicago for grad school gave me the time to work on it. With a dedicated diet of strict portion control and working out daily I managed to lose the weight. But like most people, it didn’t last. The fluctuations returned, with the trend line seemingly always heading upwards. It got worse when I moved out to the suburbs and started commuting into the city for work. An hour to an hour and a half each way takes any extra time there might be for working out and saps any energy I might have had to do so. At least, that is what I told myself. The truth was that after having gone through it once before, I just didn’t know if I had it in me to do it again. That is where EAD | CFAH came in.

Nick J recently reached several milestones duirng his first Strongman competition.

Nick J recently reached several milestones during his first Strongman competition.

The first time I lost a lot of weight I mostly did it on my own. It was the thought of having to do it on my own again that I was most afraid of. EAD | CFAH helped me by giving me something that I didn’t have working out at the big name gyms or the student fitness center — a sense of community. A community that is supportive and encouraging. From the coaches to the other people in the classes, everyone was positive and kept me going, kept me showing up for class after class. Even though I felt weaker than I had in years when I first started Training Essentials, the coaches kept me wanting to come back for more. I got over how far I had to go and started focusing on what I was seeing. I was seeing results. Not just results on the scale, though I did see those as well. I felt better, I moved better. I got stronger, faster, and more agile. After a while my clothes started fitting better, too! While the numbers on the scale were what got me to EAD | CFAH, the improvement elsewhere was what kept me coming back.

Getting healthier is more than just working out; eating right is at least as important. As the saying goes, abs are made in the kitchen. My wife and I did the EAD | CFAH 30 Day Paleo Challenge (editor’s note: the EAD | CFAH 30 Day Paleo Challenge is a performance fueling program inspired by Loren Cordain, Robb Wolff, and the Whole30 crew) and got great results. We then transitioned to the Whole30 Paleo Challenge, following the strict guidelines created by Dallas & Melissa Hartwig. It was definitely a challenge! Karen’s support and the resources available on the Athlete Center made it do-able, though. I dropped a bit over 6 percent of my body weight, saw significant visual changes to my body composition, and most importantly, have kept the weight off. Since then the wife and I have stayed mostly Paleo and continued to maintain the improvements we made in our lifestyle. It wasn’t too tough to keep up when eating better makes you feel better, too!

Nick J is stronger today than he was when he played college football.

Nick J is stronger today than he was when he played college football.

After more than a year at EAD | CFAH I feel like I am in better shape than I have ever been. The Strength & Power classes have me hitting 1RM lifts beyond what I could do even when I was playing football in college. After encouragement from the coaches to give it a try, and slightly tailoring the strength program to meet my goals, I was able to try my first strongman competition this past July. even hit my goal of getting at least one rep on every apparatus, including the ones I had never seen or touched before! Probably most importantly for me though, I can look back at pictures from when I started and see how far I’ve come. I still have a long way to go, but I know EAD | CFAH will be there to help me along the way, getting me back to where “big” just means strong again.

Have a success story you’d like to share with the EAD | CFAH Community? Let Coach Karen know … we’d love to hear from you!

Al W Credits Strength & Conditioning with Success On, Off Bike

This is another in a series of personal reflections contributed by Elite Athletic Development | CrossFit Arlington Heights athletes about the mental, physical and emotional changes experienced since joining our health & fitness community. Al’s first foray at EAD | CFAH was back in 2007 when he dropped in for a CompuTrainer ride. In the years since, he’s rounded out his training schedule with CrossFit, Strength & Power, Strength & Conditioning, Mobility & Recovery, and Sport Yoga classes. Al credits training at EAD | CFAH with increasing his durability and resilience in the very demanding sport of competitive cyclocross. In just over a year, Al has increased the 1RM on several lifts key to his cyclocross performance — something he believes makes the difference on and off the bike. This is Al’s story.

AlDropQuoteBack in 2007, a friend from my bike club asked if I had tried out this thing called a CompuTrainer at this new place called Elite Athletic Development. I didn’t know what it was, but he convinced me to go there one evening and give it a try. I had been getting more involved in mountain bike racing for a few years, and after meeting Jim and going for my first CompuTrainer ride, I realized that here was a training tool that could take me well beyond what endless spin classes would. Thus began four very constructive years of sweating hard, pushing watts and getting stronger on the bike.

EAD | CFAH athlete Al W puts his Strength & Conditioning training to the test.

EAD | CFAH athlete Al W puts his Strength & Conditioning training to the test.

While I was pushing myself on the CompuTrainer, on the other side of the gym were these people making a lot of noise dropping weights on the ground, grunting, climbing ropes, playing with tires and sledge hammers and jump ropes. I learned that these people were called CrossFitters. Meanwhile, I had started to race cyclocross, a sport that demanded that I not only pedal hard but jump off the bike and carry it up hills and over barriers — all as fast as possible, then repeat. Again and again. Jim had been suggesting that CrossFit might be something that would help me in cyclocross and I knew that he had coached a couple of “crossers” a few years before and so was familiar with the sport’s demands. At the same time, I was starting to be aware that as I got north of 60 years old, I needed to start paying attention to strength, not just for my sport but for general quality of life. The older people I saw taking falls were clearly not the strong ones. So I started doing some CrossFit and while I was enjoying some benefits, the WODs were working me so hard that the recovery time required was costing me time on the bike. Not a perfect balance. Then EAD | CFAH introduced the Strength & Conditioning class and I found just what I needed.

Al is a testament to the importance of shoulder mobility, whether during a lift or celebrating on the podium.

Al is a testament to the importance of shoulder mobility, whether during a lift or celebrating on the podium.

I did find out that there was a universe of stuff involving barbells that I don’t know but could learn. Who knew that Olympic lifts were so hard to do correctly? You want me to go down how far on a Squat? Shoulder mobility has something to do with a Front Squat? Why can’t I do an Overhead Squat? My core gets stronger doing Cleans and Snatches? Pull Ups make my abs stronger?

In two months, I learned that the ability to jump out of the saddle and sprint on the bike was materially enhanced by a Deadlift. I continue to find benefit from Squats, Cleans, and Snatches every time I need to jump off, shoulder the bike and power up a hill. I practice bike handling all the time and that means that I hit the deck once in a while. While I can’t prove it, I believe all the strength work has made me a little less injury prone when this happens. Bruises and abrasions one can live with, broken bones will wreck your season.

In January 2012 I had the opportunity to race Cyclocross Nationals in Madison. I got to the start line with 28 other 60-64 year-olds from all over the country and raced a course that was covered with snow; ice; frozen, rutted mud; regular mud covering the frozen ruts; and a whole lot of climbing. I finished 9th in that race in front of a lot of guys who were probably stronger pedalers than because they were hitting the ground all around me and I was staying on the bike. I don’t think it’s an accident that my strength work played a part in that success.

My cyclocross season is about to start for the  year and I’ve worked Strength & Conditioning harder and longer than previous years. Thanks to Becky’s help (Jim, Karen and Scott, too) my Snatch 1RM is up 10 percent; Clean 3 percent; Press 21 percent;, Bench Press 8 percent; Deadlift 14 percent;, Back Squat 15 percent; and Front Squat 14 percent. I can’t wait to go to Nationals in Austin this coming January with all this new-found — but hard-earned — strength and power.

Have a success story you’d like to share with the EAD | CFAH Community? Let Coach Karen know … we’d love to hear from you!

2014 – 2015 CompuTrainer Session Dates & Pricing. Questions? Email jim@eadperformancecenter.com
10/13 – 11/09 4 weeks
11/10 – 12/21 6 weeks
01/05 – 02/15 6 weeks
02/16 – 03/29 6 weeks
03/30 – 04/26 4 weeks

4 week sessions: 1x/wk $85, 2x/wk. $160
6 week sessions: 1x/wk. $125, 2x/wk. $240

Ann Marie Rewrites the Script on Her Fitness Story.

This is another in a series of personal reflections contributed by Elite Athletic Development | CrossFit Arlington Heights athletes about the mental, physical and emotional changes experienced since joining our health & fitness community. When Ann Marie N dropped in to check out the new fitness studio near her home in August 2011, she never imagined that Coach Jim would put her to the test that very moment … a workout that would start Ann Marie on a journey to redefine her body composition, reduce her cholesterol by 30 points, and well-deservedly exclaim that “my arms look freakin’ amazing!” Ann Marie is a doting aunt, loving wife, giving friend, active community volunteer, culinary whiz,  avid gardener, proud member of the EAD | CFAH Buttercup Brigade, and accomplished actress. Once defined by others, she has rewritten the script on her fitness, and now boldly sets an example of strength and beauty for her fellow athletes. This is Ann Marie’s story.


Those are just a few of the adjectives people used to describe me from childhood through most of my adult life. At one time, each evoked a different and negative emotion for me. What a difference a year (or two or three) makes!

Accomplished EAD | CFAH athlete Ann Marie N once feared the Barbell.

Accomplished EAD | CFAH athlete Ann Marie N once feared the Barbell.

When I first stumbled across Elite Athletic Development, I was really just looking for a routine change. A workout that I could stick with and that wouldn’t bore me. I didn’t have any weight loss goals. I didn’t really have any specific goals whatsoever. I just had a vague idea that I was not as healthy as I could be and that I needed to do something sooner rather than later (I wasn’t getting any younger!).

I walked the two blocks from my house to the storefront on Dunton Avenue. I told Coach Jim I wanted to hang out and watch a class; instead, he threw me into the Dynamic Warm Up & Workout of the Day. By the end of the class, I was exhausted and exhilarated. Still, I had no idea just how important this place would become. I had no idea what inner and outer strength was in my future.

AMNDropQuoteLooking back, my early training schedule was somewhat bumpy thanks to a crazy schedule, tweaked hamstring, adjusting to the College Drive move, and a very real fear of the barbell. But every time I got discouraged, lazy, or distracted, there was someone there to encourage me, motivate me, push me harder, and help me re-focus. The 9:30 a.m. ladies embraced my loud & quirky ways and made me feel like I could conquer anything. Coaches Jim & Josh convinced me I could lift heavy S&it, and could increase my overall fitness with strength training. Instead of feeling intimidated when lifting with “the boys,” the men of EAD | CFAH were my biggest cheerleaders.

It has been more than three years since I dropped in to Coach Jim’s class. I’ve had knee surgery. Outside demands on my time and health have been rough. Life is always chaotic. But every time I walk through the doors of Elite Athletic Development, I am home. It is my therapy. My entertainment. My “all-about-me” time. My realities (46 years-old, 5’3”, 110 lbs.) are now just side notes. No excuses. No boundaries.

It’s hard to believe I once feared a 35-pound Back Squat, let alone hoisting a weighted barbell in to an Overhead Squat. I didn’t think it possible to dig deeper or be prouder than when I posted PRs for a Strict Press (55#) or Deadlift (155# Deadlift). I was thrilled with one strict Dead Hang Pull Up. Little did I know those accomplishments were just the beginning.

Since committing to a mix of CrossFit classes and Strength & Power (and now Strength & Conditioning) classes, I boast a 187.5# Deadlift … and I am quite certain I will one day pull double my body weight. I consistently see technique gains & weight increases on all of my lifts. I can knock out 5-6 Strict Pull Ups, with a goal of reaching 10. My Box Jump is 28.5” with a goal of 31.5″, or half my height.

I have also seen improvement in my overall fitness capabilities. More endurance. Mostly Rx. I am always surprised when I realize I can do something new, like a Handstand Push Up, simply because I am stronger. I still have things to learn — a Muscle Up, Rope Climb, Kipping — but nothing seems impossible.

Bad Ass.

Those are the adjectives people now use to describe me … and more importantly, that I use to describe myself.  Add in sheer gratitude, and you have my story.

Have a success story you’d like to share with the EAD | CFAH Community? Let Coach Karen know … we’d love to hear from you!

2014 Tandem Throwdown | Saturday, Aug. 9

SoldOut(1)The sold out 2014 Tandem Throwdown is less than one week away. A full day of competition begins at 8 a.m., Saturday, Aug. 9, with the top eight teams slated to contend for top honors at roughly 4 p.m. Come out and cheer on fellow EAD | CFAH athletes Mike O’ & Kelly B, Amber R & Jake R, and Jessica R & Josh R, and 92 other athletes representing 28 CrossFit affiliates from Illinois, Wisconsin & Minnesota. Admission is free.

2014 Tandem Throwdown Participating CrossFit Affiliates

  • CrossFit Amplify
  • CrossFit Kenosha
  • CrossFit Beloit
  • CrossFit Farmland
  • CrossFit Fort Atkinson
  • CrossFit Northpoint
  • CrossFit Homer Glen
  • H.O.T.Side CrossFit
  • CrossFit Crystal Lake
  • Division St. CrossFit
  • CrossFit Sanctify
  • Yorkville Crossfit
  • CrossFit Roselle
  • CrossFit CU
  • Bare Bones CrossFit
  • CrossFit Enclave
  • CrossFit 1013
  • CrossFit Rise
  • Crossfit Warrior Risen
  • CrossFit New Lenox
  • CrossFit Construct
  • Crossfit Wilmette & Deerfield
  • RowFit Chicago / Chi-Town CrossFit
  • CrossFit Lake Forest
  • Crossfit Muse
  • Titletown CrossFit
  • Crossfit SAA,
  • and event host Elite Athletic Development / CrossFit Arlington Heights


“This Place Has Changed My Life.”

This is another in a series of personal reflections contributed by Elite Athletic Development | CrossFit Arlington Heights and CrossFit Axis athletes about the mental, physical and emotional changes experienced since joining our health & fitness community. Regina P accepted the Free Class Challenge Saturday, Dec. 28 and was part of the January 7, 2014 Training Essentials session. Since then, she’s become an effervescent part of the EAD | CFAH Training Community, drawing people in with her enthusiasm, dedication and amazing results. Regina shared her reflection of her first 157 training hours at EAD | CFAH with Coach Jim.

Spend even a few minutes with Elite Athletic Development | CrossFit Arlington Heights athlete Regina P and she’s bound to proclaim, “This Place Has Changed My Life.”  She’ll also share — with tremendous pride (and rightfully so) — that she’s gone from a size 24 to a size 14 and lost more than 54 pounds since she started CrossFit classes the first week in February.

Regina After

Regina in an impromptu photo shoot staged by her incredibly proud daughter.

Ask the athletes who train with Regina and they’ll say their day gets kicked up a notch the minute she walks in; she inspires them to work harder. Regina approaches every workout as if it is her reward for the day’s toil. Coming through the door, she greets coaches and fellow athletes with her wonderful smile and infectious optimism.  But it wasn’t always that way.

Regina drove past EAD | CFAH to and from her way to work for more than six years, slowing her car to see what was going on in the gym, but never stopping. Intrigued, and sometimes intimidated by what she saw, Regina wondered if she could somehow become one of those “crazy people running around with big exercise balls and jumping up and down on the front lawn.”

Regina Before

Regina in her pre-EAD | CFAH days.

The should I? / shouldn’t I? impasse ended during a lunchtime stroll when Regina popped in to ask about a new high-protein energy treat, the  RxBar. Over the next few shopping trips, Regina had the chance to talk with Coach Ashley, and Coaches Alida and Karen about the people who call EAD | CFAH their training home, the training philosophy, and more. She accepted Coach Karen’s invitation to take the EAD | CFAH Free Class Challenge, and started her amazing transformation.

Regina says the results she’s gained at EAD | CFAH since early February far surpass anything she’s experienced. She’s spent hundreds of dollars working with personal trainers at big box gyms, endless loops on the treadmill and elliptical trainer, and countless hours in Pilates and Zumba classes. But in less than 160 training hours at EAD | CFAH, Regina says she moves better, has more energy, is more productive at work, and feels better than she has since college. One particularly proud moment for Regina was when her teen daughter insisted on doing an impromptu photo shoot when she saw Regina in her new CrossFit Arlington Heights tee — in a size Regina hasn’t worn since she was a very young girl.

It took a ton of courage for Regina — and for that matter, anyone — to take that first step and try something new; it takes even more courage to stick with it. Regina had her doubts in those early workouts,  yet she says kept coming back because so many people believed in her, which in turn made her believe in herself.

Regina’s training goals include mastering Front Squats and Double Unders. She also has her sights on her first competition, the 2015 Athena Classic. Look  for her as competitor #001!

CFAH, CFAX Athletes Take Tactical Challenge Top Honors; Help Raise More Than $8,500 For Salute, Inc.

Elite Athletic Development | CrossFit Arlington Heights got freedom? Tactical Challenge Raises $8,525 for Salute, Inc.

Athletes from Elite Athletic Development | CrossFit Arlington Heights | CrossFit Axis dominated the Salute, Inc. got freedom? Tactical Challenge for the third consecutive year, taking top honors in the Team, Men’s and Women’s events. To date, the event has raised more than $8,500 to help meet the financial, physical and emotional needs of military service members, veterans and their families. Event sponsor Elite Athletic Development | CrossFit Arlington Heights donates 100 percent of the funds raised by the Tactical Challenge to Salute, Inc.

The Tactical Challenge pairs a 5k run with a series of military-style calisthenic movements using 20-pound sandbags for women and 40-pound sandbags for men. Participants this year lugged the sandbag through four, 25-foot Army Crawls, plus completed 20 reps each of CrossFit Games Push Ups, Ground to Overhead lifts, Anchored Sit Ups, and Bag Hop Burpees.

2014 Salute, Inc. got freedom? 5k + Tactical Challenge Men's Division Podium: Coach Jim, Steven Buchholz, 1st place; Tom Weiss, 2nd place; Tim Decker, 3rd place.

2014 Salute, Inc. got freedom? 5k + Tactical Challenge Men’s Division Podium: Coach Jim, Steven Buchholz, 1st place; Tom Weiss, 2nd place; Tim Decker, 3rd place.

Steven Buchholz, 15, Arlington Heights, finished the challenge in 30:11.8. Buchholz ran the course with his dad, Steve,  49, and brother, Jack, 9; the athletes train at CrossFit Axis | PlayersU in Mt. Prospect.  Also earning podium spots were Arlington Heights residents Tom Weiss, 49, who finished the grueling course in 33:52.9, and Tim Decker, 43, with a finish time of 34:50.2.

Elite Athletic Development | CrossFit Arlington Heights athlete Kelly Buchholz (no relation to the men’s division winner), 34, Arlington Heights, finished the course in 34:00.8; she placed 3rd in 2013. Finishing second was Grace Wasielewski, 60, Prospect Heights, in 34:17.6; she placed 6th in 2013. Rounding out the top three women was Maria Subia-Grzesiak, 40, Arlington Heights, in 34:54.1.


2014 Salute, Inc. got freedom? 5k + Tactical Challenge Women’s Division Podium: Coach Jim, Kelly Buchholz, 1st place; Grace Wasielewski, 2nd place. Not pictured: Maria Subia-Grzesiak, 3rd place.

The finish times of Ms. Buchholz and Wasielewski, plus the father-son Fowler tandem, Nathan, 13, and Ron, 46, ensured the got freedom? Tactical Challenge Team Division trophy remained with 2012 & 2013 champ Elite Athletic Development | CrossFit Arlington Heights.  The event Team Division is determined by the fastest two men’s and women’s times.

Congratulations to EAD / CFAH / CFAX athletes who participated in the 2014 5k + Tactical Challenge Kelly Buchholz, Kevin Tesch, Grace Wasielewski, Charlotte O’Neill, Mike O’Neill, Karen Jones, Nick Jones, James Jones, Ann Marie Nordby, Steven Buchholz, Steve Buchholz, Jack Buchholz, Ron Fowler, Nathan Fowler, Bob Dapisa, Will Hinshaw, Andrea Poffenberger, and John O’Neil. Congrats, too, to the dozens of EAD | CFAH athlete who supported Salute, Inc. and ran the 5k or 10k.

Check out more event photos at the EAD | CFAH Facebook Page.

Thanks to EAD / CFAH / CFAX athletes and performance coaches who volunteered: Coaches Jim, Karen, Becky, Scott, Kate, Kristen, Michelle, Web, and athletes Rachel, Laura M, Kenny M, and Eddie M.

Thanks to EAD | CFAH  athletes and performance coaches who volunteered for the 2014 Salute, Inc. got freedom? 5k + Tactical Challenge (back, from left): Coaches Jim, Web, Scott, Becky, Ashley, Michelle, Kristen; Rachel R. (front, from left) Juan, Coach Kate. Not pictured: Coach Karen, Laura M, Kenny M, and Eddie M.


High School Student Training Essentials Session Starts June 9.

Registration is now open for the June 9 session of High School Student Training Essentials at EAD | CFAH.

Registration is now open for the June 9 session of High School Student Training Essentials at EAD | CFAH.

Elite Athletic Development | CrossFit Arlington Heights now offers the perfect program for high school students ready to learn the proper form, technique and movement mechanics to safely and effectively begin a CrossFit training program.

Elite Athletic Development | CrossFit Arlington Heights, one of the longest-established CrossFit affiliates in Illinois, will offer a special Training Essentials class for student athletes (entering 9th grade and older) new to CrossFit Monday, June 9 – Friday, June 13, 2:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. The class will be offered at additional times throughout the summer.

High School Student Training Essentials is a one-week / five-day session led by a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Training Essentials will introduce high school students to the fundamentals of EAD | CFAH training programs, and provide plenty of small group instruction and technique work. Training Essentials participants will learn, practice and perfect body weight, dumb bell, kettle bell, and barbell movements, including Olympic weightlifting and power movements, and more. The session will prepare student athletes for EAD | CFAH CrossFit, Strength & Power, Powerbuilding, Boot Camp and CrossFit Women classes.

Student athletes must attend all five classes to qualify for next-level classes. The $159 session price includes a CrossFit Arlington Heights shirt and Elite Athletic Development | CrossFit Arlington Heights training log. Select the 12-class card option when registering / making your purchase. Register today!

Brute Camp Registration Now Open.

BruteCampRegistration is now open for Elite Athletic Development | CrossFit Arlington Heights Brute Camp, a new class programmed for athletes game for a more intense and competitive training option. Brute Camp is a high-performance class and open to athletes who achieve four of the six performance standards. Additional performance standards will be tested over time. Brute Camp will meet weekly on Sundays, 9 a.m. – 10 a.m., starting June 1. The first week will be Performance Standard Testing. You won’t know if you’re ready until you try. Take the challenge.

Brute Camp Performance Standards

1RM Deadlift
Men, 1.75 x Bodyweight
Women, 1.40 x Bodyweight

Mile Run
Men, 7:30
Women, 9:00

Dead Hang Pull Up
Men, 3
Women, 1

Strict Push Ups
Men, 25
Women, 8

1000m Row
Men, 3:45
Women, 4:30

1′ Sit Ups
Men, 40
Women, 40


05.25.14 | Register Today! Salute Tactical Challenge.

Register Today!

SaluteInc2014The Salute, Inc. got freedom? 5k + Tactical Challenge is Sunday, May 25.  Don’t miss your chance to have fun and support a great cause. All event proceeds from the Tactical Challenge benefit Salute, Inc. , in its mission to help meet the financial, physical and emotional needs of military service members, veterans and their families; raise awareness of their sacrifices; and provide a safety net to ensure every military family is treated with honor and dignity. Individual & Team Categories. Adult and Student Athletes welcomed!

April May Strength & Power Cycle Delivers More Than 100 PRs!

Elite Athletic Development | CrossFit Arlington Heights Strength & Power Cycle Delivers Improved Performance for the Competitive and Everyday Athlete.

New Strength & Power and Powerbuilding Cycles Start May 5.

Dozens of EAD | CFAH athletes who committed to Coach Scott’s challenging and clever five-week Strength & Power programming delivered more than 100 PRs during 1RM Week. Both newer and more experienced athletes logged PRs, with some even earning a spot on the EAD | CFAH Wall of Fame including Master’s athlete Lynn Mc with an amazing 1,105-pound CrossFit Total (410-pound Back Squat, 175-pound Press and 545-pound Deadlift), and George L with a 55″ Box Jump.

Congrats to the April | May Strength & Power crew on your accomplishments — whether improved technique, confidence gained or logging a new 1RM. We’re proud of all you achieved!2014StrengthandPowerPRsAprilMayThe next Strength & Power Cycle starts the week of May 5, and once again features some challenging and fun twists and turns. New this cycle is programming for three distinct athlete segments: beginning strength, continuing strength, and mass gain. The programming for each segment will help athletes develop a solid foundation for all sports movement, and enhance sports performance. Athletes looking for improvements in the Olympic lifts, hardcore conditioning, and continued gains in strength should follow the Strength & Power or Strength & Power Foundations programming. Athletes interested in increased size and strength should follow the Powerbuilding programming.

    • Strength & Power is ideal for athletes who have established 1RM lifts, and who regularly incorporate strength work in their training schedule.
    • Strength & Power Foundations is ideal for athletes newer to the compound barbell movements typically seen in CrossFit workouts, or who have not developed 1RM lifts, or who do not regularly incorporate strength work in their training. Strength & Power Foundations will provide athletes with better technique, strength gains, and useful data for future cycles.
    • Powerbuilding is an opportunity for athletes of all levels to train for strength and size, while maintaining mobility, power and athletic performance.

Athlete who commit to the Strength & Power or Powerbuilding Cycle should plan to attend class three days per week (Monday/Tuesday, Wednesday/Thursday, or Friday/Saturday). Programming is posted in the EAD | CFAH Athlete Center. Questions? See an EAD | CFAH Performance Coach.