2014 Spring – Summer Schedule Now Posted.

The Elite Athletic Development | CrossFit Arlington Heights Spring-Summer Class Schedule Features the Classes You’ve Come to Love, Coached By the Highest-Credentialed and Most-Experienced Coaches in the Area.

The first full week of the 2014 Spring-Summer Class Schedule starts Monday, May 5, which is also the start of the May / June Strength & Power Cycle. RSVP for classes today!

The Spring-Summer class schedule features the classes you’ve come to love, two new classes — Powerbuilding and Strength & Power Foundations — a weeknight Mobility & Recovery class, and the return of the always challenging and fun Invasion WODs.

  • Powerbuilding — An opportunity for athletes of all levels to train for strength and size, while maintaining mobility, power and athletic performance. The class will feature barbell movements and unique training methods.
  • Strength & Power Foundations — This class will help athletes develop a solid foundation for all sports movement, and enhance athletic performance. The Strength & Power Foundations class is ideal for athletes newer to the compound barbell movements typically seen in CrossFit workouts, or who have not developed 1RM lifts, or who do not regularly incorporate strength work in their training.
  • A new Mobility & Recovery Class on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.
  • The return of Invasion WODs Sunday, May 31, 10:30 a.m. (check the website for location)
  • Summer Youth Athletic Development sessions, plus a special Training Essentials session for High School Students.2014 Spring-Summer Class Schedule

2014 Athena Classic Champions Crowned.

Fierce, Brave, Female Warriors Wage Battle at Elite Athletic Development | CrossFit Arlington Heights.

The 2014 Athena Classic lived up to its billing Saturday, April 19 pitting 80 women from 25 CrossFit affiliates and three states against three fierce workouts to land a spot in the finals, where the top 12 warriors battled for bragging rights, trophies, and almost $3,000 in cash and prizes. The Athena Classic returns to Elite Athletic Development | CrossFit Arlington Heights Saturday, April 18, 2015.

The final workout — a spectator-friendly-but athlete-nasty combo of 50 Double Unders, a 30 calorie Row, 20 Overhead Squats (85# / 65#), 10 Handstand Push Ups, and 5 Bar Muscle Ups (Open Division) 5 or Chest-to-Bar Pull Ups (Master’s Division)— capped an exciting day of competition.


2014 Athena Classic Top Finishers. The Master’s Division: Deb Pirkel, CrossFit Sanctify; Jennifer Benson, Big City CrossFit; Liza Nelson, CrossFit Carbon. The Open Division: Anna Schmidt, CrossFit Sanctify; Ashley Beerens, CrossFit Northpoint; Anne-Lisa Maag, CrossFit Sanctify.

Liza Nelson, 44, CrossFit Carbon, Vernon Hills, took top honors in the Master’s Division for the second consecutive year, but not without a scare from division runner-up Jennifer Benson, 40, Big City CrossFit, Chicago. Benson set her sights on denying Nelson a repeat, and with just three points separating the competitors, Benson’s path to the crown was clear: beat Nelson in Workout #4, and hope the other two finalists, Deb Pirkel, 46, CrossFit Sanctify, Madison, and Jodi Corbit, 40, CrossFit Connex, Madison, bested Nelson. Benson did her part and placed first in the workout, but Nelson failed to do her part and finished a strong second. Rounding out the Master’s Division was Pirkel in third and Corbit in fourth.

Anna Schmidt, 24, CrossFit Sanctify, Madison, had a lock on the Open Division entering the finals; as long as she didn’t self-destruct, the championship was hers. Not so with Ashley Beerens, 27, CrossFit Northpoint, Waukegan, and Anne-Lisa Maag, 30, CrossFit Sanctify, Madison, who waged a mighty battle throughout Workout #4 to determine finishing positions. In the end, Beerens bested Maag, and the competitors finished in second and third place, respectively. Amber Earleywine, 29, CrossFit Sanctify, won the final workout, but ninth place finishes in Workout #2 and Workout #3 cost her a spot on the podium; she finished fourth. Rounding out the top eight in the Open Division were: Christie Suligoy, 24, CrossFit Construct, Chicago; Jennifer McDade, 36, Fit Bodies CrossFit, Bloomington; Alexandra Buth, 27, CrossFit Connex, Madison; and Emily Gorman, 24, CrossFit Northpoint, Waukegan. Visit the Athena Classic Event Page for links to the Leaderboard, Workout Scoring, Photo Albums and more.

In a day filled with stellar athletic performances, a series of most memorable moments came from Master’s Division athlete Jodi Marino, 58, CrossFit Sanctify, Madison. An accident left Marino with exceptionally limited use of her arm – but full access to her competitive spirit and drive. Marino attacked all three Athena Classic workouts, inspiring competitors , volunteers and spectators, and leaving many to question their litany of excuses for why they don’t set challenging goals and work without fail to achieve them.

The sold out 2014 Athena Classic was hosted by Elite Athletic Development / CrossFit Arlington Heights and supported by Road Runner Sports – Kildeer, Carlson Labs, PANDORA Hawthorn, King Kong Apparel, Unbroken, Nowicki Chiropractic, RxBar, BPowerful Wraps, Rx Jump Ropes, Fran’s Closet Rx, JUNK Brands, CJK Foods, and Atlas Power Wraps.

Elite Athletic Development Student Strength & Conditioning Program Returns June 9.

Registration Now Open for the Popular Elite Athletic Development | CrossFit Arlington Heights Youth Athletic Development Strength & Conditioning Program.

It is hard to believe that even with all the snow days, the final weeks of the school year are within sight. And that means it is time to start thinking about how to keep the kids busy and active over the long summer months.

YouthADDecember2012EAD | CFAH will once again host our popular Summer Youth Athletic Development program for 8-12 year-olds and 13-15 year-olds. This program is ideal for motivated student athletes eager to learn new skills, train hard, and head back to school stronger, faster and more powerful. Sessions run for four weeks on Monday, Wednesday & Friday, and each class is one hour. In addition, we’re offering a special Training Essentials session to prepare high school students for CrossFit and Strength & Power classes. The Summer Youth Athletic Development schedule is:

  • June 9 – July 2 (11 classes), 10:30 a.m., $148.50
  • July 7 – August 1 (12 classes), 3:30 p.m., $162
  • August 4 – August 22 (9 classes) 10:30 a.m., $121.50
  • NEW! High School Student Training Essentials Session. Please contact karen@eadperformancecenter.com  for more info.

Register today for Summer Youth Athletic Development Sessions. All sessions run Monday-Wednesday-Friday and each class is one hour. There is 10 percent discount for sibling and buddy sign-ups.

We are happy to consider additional sessions / time slots based on demand. Team training sessions are also available. If you’d like to book a Team Training Session or add a Youth Athletic Development session, please contact karen@eadperformancecenter.com.

* Summer Youth Athletic Development classes must be used within the registered session; there are no carry-over or make-up classes. Classes are not convertible to a class card purchase.
* Participants will participate in rigorous training sessions — proper rest, hydration and nutrition are important.
* High school students are eligible for regular classes with completion of Training Essentials. Email Coach Karen for more information.

#FlashTweet and Get Social.

TwitterPromoCFAHDon’t follow EAD | CFAH on Twitter? There’s no better time to start than during our #FlashTweet prize drawing.

Follow EAD | CFAH on Twitter, retweet the special #FlashTweet  between 2 p.m., Sunday, April 6 and 8 p.m., Monday, April 7, and earn an entry to a prize drawing for $20 to fund your next social outing. The #FlashTweet contest is also a perfect time to encourage your friends, family & co-workers to join us for a Free Class Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. or Saturday at 9 a.m.

Be sure to keep an eye on our Twitter feed, because you just never know when the #FlashTweet contest will pop up again.

Congrats, Coach Kate!

CFAH_headshot1Congrats to EAD | CFAH Performance Coach Kate who was notified today by the National Strength and Conditioning Association that she passed the rigorous Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist exam!

The prestigious NSCA CSCS is the credential required to work with collegiate and professional sports teams, and is one of only 13 health and fitness programs from thousands offered across the country that is accredited by the National Commission on Certifying Agencies. Kate’s accomplishment adds another highly-ranked certification to the most credentialed athletic development team in the area.

Check out the Coaches tab on the web site to see why EAD | CFAH is the most credentialed and experienced athletic development team in the area.

Check out the Coaches tab on the web site to see why EAD | CFAH is the most credentialed and experienced athletic development team in the area.

Elite Athletic Development / CrossFit Arlington Heights Athlete Guest Post | John O’

This post is contributed by EAD / CFAH Athlete John O’, who started training with us in November 2011. John’s second WOD after graduating Training Essentials (then known as OnRamp) was the Thanksgiving favorite “Earn Your Seconds,” which he did with his usual flair, and has every year since. You can usually find John O’ training with the early morning crew weekdays and on Saturday mornings. This week John O’ PR’d his Bench Press, and anticipates the same for his Deadlift Saturday. Have a thought or two you’d like to share with your fellow athletes? Let us know … we’d love to hear from you!


Has life intervened and disrupted your training routine? EAD / CFAH Athlete John O’ says stop thinking about it and just come back.

I have been an active member of Elite Athletic Development | Crossfit Arlington Heights for more than two years and I have met many amazing people. I love how many people I recognize and run into around town who I first met at EAD | CFAH.  When I run into someone I haven’t seen for a while, the inevitable question arises, “Are you still going to CrossFit?” I say quickly “Yes”, and then ask them the same question. If the person says “no”, it is almost always quickly followed by, “I would like to, but I’m nervous to start up again.” If you’ve said those words before, or you know someone who has, this post is for you.

Everyone has a lot going on these days; work, kids, travel, injury, and more get in the way of our ideal training plans. When your program gets disrupted, I encourage you to come back to EAD | CFAH and start up again as soon as you can. Stop thinking about it and just come to one class. Is it going to be awesome? Probably not. You have to get your body adjusted to the new regimen. But I promise you that everything will come back quicker than before and you will be happy you started up again.

JohnODropQuoteLast summer I was unable to come to any classes due to eye surgery. Coming back was the scariest and most nerve-wracking thing I have experienced in a long time. Typical thoughts were that I was going to be embarrassed by being so slow, being last, being fat, throwing up, struggling mightily, etc. Stop thinking and just come back for one class, and follow these three rules as first told to me by Coach Rory.

1.  Show Up. 90 percent of accomplishing anything is putting yourself in a position to succeed. At EAD | CFAH, just show up. The coaches will take care of you.

2.  Do What You Can Do. CrossFit is about challenging yourself and your self-imposed limits. The EAD | CFAH coaches are not interested in having you hurt yourself or attempt things you are not ready for. What they are looking for is a desire to get better and an honest, all-out effort. Do what you can do by easing into the different exercises and weights. The EAD | CFAH Community will support you, challenge you, and congratulate you.

3.  Keep Coming Back. We did not get out of shape overnight, so why would getting back into shape be any different? It’s a process that gets you better each and every time you come back.

I’ve yet to find my name at the top of the whiteboard for finishing a workout first in the two years since I’ve done CrossFit, so I know what it feels like to struggle (and seemingly survive) some of the classes. But I always feel that the coaches have my back. They are always supportive and will modify any workout you don’t feel you can complete safely. I have also come to appreciate the amazing support of the EAD | CFAH Community. As a struggling and novice CrossFit athlete, I can always count on my classmates to cheer me on to the finish and congratulate me. It’s all about the process of improvement and getting better so why not have a crowd of positive, energetic and great people encourage you? Come back to Elite Athletic Development | CrossFit Arlington Heights and let us cheer you on.

Endurance Sports Boot Camp Powers Pre-Season Training For Racers.

Elite Athletic Development – CrossFit Arlington Heights Endurance Sports Boot Camp
Sundays, 9 a.m. | Now through May 25

The Elite Athletic Development Endurance Sports Boot Camp is the ideal class to kick-start your pre-season training.

The Elite Athletic Development Endurance Sports Boot Camp is the ideal class to kick-start your pre-season training.

Endurance athletes looking to improve strength, power, stability, and overall fitness during the off-season need to look no further than the new Elite Athletic Development Endurance Sports Boot Camp.

This weekly, one-hour class now through May 25 is focused on the needs of endurance sports athletes ready to accept a new fitness challenge, work hard and gain a competitive edge for the upcoming race season.

There is no additional charge for The Endurance Sports Boot Camp for current EAD / CFAH athletes, and athletes new to EAD / CFAH can purchase 12 classes for $159 or 20 classes for $249. Questions? Email karen@eadperformancecenter.com.

02.12.17 | CrossFit, Strength & Power, and CrossFit Women

Nate B working to a heavy single during Saturday's Shoulder-to-Overhead.

Nate B working to a heavy single during Saturday’s Shoulder-to-Overhead.


Skill: Clean & Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1

WOD: 3 rounds for time
10 KB Overhead Squats
20 KB Pass through Lunge steps
30 KB Swings

RX+: 53/35#
RX: 50/30#
Scaled: 35/20#

Strength & Power:

Power Clean (3×3 70%)
Back Squat (3×2 95%)
Press (3×2 95%)
RDL (3 x 5)
Chin Up (3 x AMAP)
Dip (3 x AMAP)

CrossFit Women:

Strengthen & Stabilize | Ankle Cuff Lateral Steps 3 x 24 (12R / 12L) + Tabata Wall Sits w/ 6# MB OH Hold on #2, #4, #6, #8 & Squeeze on #1, #3, #5 , #7

Row 100m
10 Air Squats
10 Pull Ups
10 Lateral Plank Walks (10R / 10L)
10 Sprawls



January Olympic Lifting Seminar Athletes Post Significant Gains.

Submitted by Coach Alida. Train with Alida in one of the following classes based at Elite Athletic Development | CrossFit Arlington Heights:
> Monday, 5:30 a.m. & 6:30 p.m., CrossFit
> Wednesday, 5:30 a.m., CrossFit
> Saturday, 7 a.m., Olympic Lifting Seminar

Register Today for the March 15 – April 5, 7 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. Olympic Lifting Seminar

The Elite Athletic Development | CrossFit Arlington Heights January Olympic Lifting Seminar concluded Saturday, and the results were fantastic! The six athletes who participated worked hard on cleaning up their technique and can now approach the Olympic Lifts with much greaterconfidence. On the final Saturday, the athletes maxed out on the Snatch and Clean & Jerk and we saw new PRs and high percentage lifts being hit with much better technique.

Registration is now open for the March 15 - April 5 Olympic Lifting Seminar. Space is limited ... register today.

Registration is now open for the March 15 – April 5 Olympic Lifting Seminar. Space is limited … register today.

If you are in class with Steve S., Tim F., Talya, Bob D., Jim T. or Juan you may notice their improved technique, or you may see their new PRs being added to the Wall of Fame and wonder “Is this Olympic Lifting Seminar for me?” The answer is a resounding yes! The Olympic Lifting seminar is designed to help athletes of all levels, from those who are fresh out of Training Essentials, to those who have been training for a few years and would like to take an in-depth look at their technique in order to add pounds to their 1RM, or increase efficiency while doing the lifts in WODs.

The seminar is a four-week commitment and is designed to take you back to the basics, and build a solid technique foundation before adding weight. There is a strong focus on positioning and making sure you understand where your body should be in relation to the bar during each phase of the lifts.

During the first week, the focus is solely on the Snatch. Athletes will be lead through a series of exercises with an empty bar or PVC learning the “double knee bend” technique, the method that is taught at all USA Weightlifting seminars, and is employed by nearly every competitive Olympic Lifter. During the second session, the focus shifts to learning the technique for the Clean & Jerk. Once again, the athletes will move through the exercises with an empty bar or PVC, to make sure they are concentrating on technique and not the weight. At the end of these two sessions, athletes will perform a series of strength building assistance exercises that reinforce the positioning that was just taught. The third session continues the focus on assistance lifts. The assistance lifts can be used to focus in on specific weaknesses and help to build strength during the pull or catch phases of the lifts. The final Saturday is max out day! Athletes will be given the opportunity to test their improved skills, and shoot for a new PR or the ability to hit their old PR with confidence and perfect technique.

Still have questions? Talk to Coach Alida to discuss how the Olympic Lifting Seminar will support your training goals. The seminar is run on Saturday mornings from 7 a.m. -8:30 a.m., and is limited to six athletes.

Alida Bray started her training at EAD / CFAH in one of the very first Fitness Boot Camp classes. She soon transitioned to CrossFit, where she quickly feel in love with the barbell and is now a seasoned Olympic Lifting. Alida is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Concept 2 Certified Indoor Rowing Instructor, USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance Coach, and a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.

Check out EAD / CFAH athlete Lucerne, 75, hitting a Deadlift.

01.28.14 | CrossFit and Strength & Power

Check out EAD / CFAH athlete Lucerne, 75, hitting a Deadlift.

In need of inspiration? Check out EAD / CFAH athlete Lucerne, 75, hitting a Deadlift.

Skill | Hang Power Snatch

WOD | For Time
10 Evil Wheels
20 Thrusters
30 Bar Hop Burpees
40 Lunge Steps
50 Atomic Sit Ups
60 Air Squats

RX+ 115# / 85#
RX 95# / 65#
Scaled 75# / 55#

Strength & Power | Monday & Tuesday
Power Clean (3×3 70%)
Back Squat (3×5 80%)
Press (3×5 80%)
RDL (3 x 5)
Chin Up (3 x AMAP)
Dip (3 x AMAP)

CrossFit Women
See You Wednesday at 7 p.m.