Add Strength & Power to Your Golf Game.

Call Coach Mike at 847.394.8110 to learn more about the Titleist Golf Screen and how can help improve your golf game.

Would you like to play golf injury free? Add strength & power to your game? The Titleist Golf Screen — the same screen used on PGA and LPGA Tour players — can help.

Titleist Certified Golf Instructor and N.A.S.M. Certified Personal Trainer Mike Kolander uses the screen to track 12 specific body movements as they relate to your golf swing. The screen pinpoints weaknesses and inefficiencies, which Coach Mike then uses to identify specific exercises to help  make you a stronger and more efficient golfer.

Whether you’re a recreational golfer or play on the Tour, the Titleist Golf Screen will help you get stronger, healthier and give you the best shot a playing injury-free golf for the rest of your life. Email or call 847.394.8110 for more information and to schedule your appointment.