Free Tai Chi Class | American Heart Association Work Heart Play Heart Fundraiser

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Join us Saturday, Feb. 24, at 10:15 a.m., for a Free Tai Chi Class led by EAD | CFAH resident physical therapist and certified tai chi instructor, Chris Arce. The class is open to current EAD | CFAH athletes and their guests.

The class is part of the EAD | CFAH Training Community support of the American Heart Association Work Heart Play Heart fundraiser. The event, run in conjunction with the Buffalo Grove High School National Honor Society, kicked off last Saturday with a fun family fitness event that raised more than $1,200 dollars in two hours.

Register Today. Free Tai Chi Class to Benefit American Heart Association Work Heart Play Heart ($15 donation encouraged).

Tai chi is a graceful form of exercise often described as meditation in motion. The gentle, flowing motions of tai chi help reduce stress, increase flexibility and balance, improve circulation, and develop better posture. An ancient Chinese tradition, tai chi started as a form of martial arts, but has become a popular form of low-impact exercise. According to the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Arlington Heights, regular tai chi practice can also benefit tendons, joints, spine, connective tissue and internal organs.

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Yes. Mobility & Recovery Works.

A test-retest on Andrew’s range of motion. One side clearly benefits from the work Andrew put in during Coach Becky’s Mobility & Recovery class Thursday.

Wonder why we preach and preach and preach Coach Becky’s Mobility & Recovery class? Check out the improvement to Andrew’s range-of-motion after less than 8 minutes in the Thursday, 7:30 p.m. class. Imagine how this improvement parlays to Andrew’s Overhead Squats, Thrusters, and any Overhead Push, Press or Jerk lift.

Register today for the Saturday, 8 a.m. or Thursday, 7:30 p.m. Mobility & Recovery class.

Mobility & Recovery Class February Topics l Thursdays, 7:30 p.m.

Join us every Thursday at 7:30 p.m. for a Mobility & Recovery class. EAD senior performance coach, certified athletic trainer, corrective exercise specialist, and performance enhancement specialist Becky Rivard will lead a one-hour, hands-on class targeting a specific area to help improve performance and prevent injury.

Mobility & Recovery classes will be held at at Elite Athletic Development North – CrossFit Arlington Heights, and the February areas of focus are:

>   February 2, Shoulder / Overhead Mobility & Strengthening
>   February 9, Hip / Low Back Flexibility & Glute Strengthening
>   February 16, Knee / Ankle Flexibility & Strengthening
>   February 23,  Core Strength & Balance

Register for the Mobility & Recover classes — one or all four — today. Have an area you’d like to improve? Let Coach Becky know.