Pull Up Intensive Begins Monday, May 7.

Submitted by Coach Karen

It seems that what you’ve got is never enough when it comes to Pull Ups.

If you use a band, you want a different color. If you Dead Hang, you want to Kip. If you Kip, you want to Butterfly. If you Butterfly, you want more speed and fluidity. Of course, you want to achieve your personal Pull Up nirvana with a progression appropriate to your athletic development, sustaining proper form and mechanics, and sans injury.

Welcome to the Elite Athletic Development / CrossFit Arlington Heights / CrossFit Axis Pull Up Progression Program. Starting Monday, May 7 and continuing for the coming weeks, we will devote time during MetCon, CrossFit Women and Strength & Power classes to help you progress along the Pull Up continuum. In addition, the Thursday, 7:30 p.m. Mobility & Recovery Workshop will focus activity on the muscle groups key to the Pull Up. Our aim is to help your achieve your first Dead Hang Pull Up, or perfect your Pull Up form, mechanics and efficiency.

We encourage you to perform each segment of the program twice per week until you master the movement milestone. If you aren’t in class on the day a segment is posted, take time before or after your next training session to complete the segment. Each segment builds on the next, so it is important that you achieve the movement milestone before proceeding. The movement milestones culminate with an perfected Dead Hang Pull Up for some, and the very first Dead Hang Pull Up for others.
The EAD / CFAH / CFAX Performance Coaches will work with each athlete to set individual goals during the Pull Up Progression Program, and we encourage you to ask lots of questions along the way.

The muscles used in the Pull Up.

Segment One l Bar Hang

  • Pre-Requisite: A willing spirit
  • Standards: Arms locked out in Dead Hang; activate large muscles of the middle back and supporting smaller muscles of the upper back; engage shoulder muscles
  • Progression: 3 x Max Hang Time w/ 90 seconds rest between sets
  • Milestone: 3 x 30 seconds Bar Hang
Segment Two l Flex Hang
  • Pre-Requisite: 3 x 30 seconds Bar Hang
  • Standards: Chin Over Bar (can use assistance to achieve Chin Over Bar); your choice hand grip
  • Milestone: Hold position for 10-20 seconds; repeat 2-3 times with 2-3 minutes rest between sets
Segment Three l Negative Pull Ups
  • Pre-Requisite: Flex Hang
  • Standards: Start with Chin Over Bar and slowly lower body to a full Bar Hang; complete 2-3 sets w/ 2-3 minutes rest between
  • Milestone: A smooth, controlled, confident 30 second Negative Pull Up

We’d like to know what you think about the Elite Athletic Development / CrossFit Arlington Heights / CrossFit Axis Pull Up Progression Program. Share your initial thoughts with the Community about the next few weeks. Is completing an un-banded Pull Up on your training “bucket list”? Can you envision yourself completing a Dead Hang Pull Up? Are you ready to Kip? Do you have any concerns / questions? What’s on your mind? Let us know!