Performance Testing May 5.

The good folks from Ultimate Test Labs will roll into Elite Athletic Development l CrossFit Arlington Heights Saturday, May 5, 8 a.m. – Noon for three comprehensive performance tests. Email to schedule your appointment. Read on for testing options. The price for all three tests is $160, a $15 savings.

Hydrostatic Body Composition Testing l $45
Hydrostatic Body Composition Testing is the “gold standard” of body composition analysis. No more guessing or inaccurate testing. No more reliance on the bathroom scale. Body composition defines health through measurement of fat body mass compared to lean body mass. Learn more about Hydrostatic Weight Testing or by You can watch a video of the Hydrostatic process in action on the television show “The Doctors“. Please plan 15 minutes for this test and dress to get wet.

VO2-Max/sub-max testing l $70
The V02-Max / Sub-Max tests the volume of oxygen and thus calories burned during a full range of Heart Rate zones. Mapping out the volume of oxygen used is also the best way to determine cardiovascular fitness and what Heart Rates should be used to burn fat most effectively! Learn more about VO2MAX testing. Please plan 30 minutes for this test.

Resting Metabolic Rate l $60
Resting Metabolic Rate is the measurement of how many calories are used at rest. Once a person’s daily calorie needs are determined “fat” loss or muscle gain can be performed in a more precise manner. No more guessing at how many calories to cut to lose “fat” or how many calories must be consumed to maintain or gain muscle. Learn more about Resting Metabolic Rage (RMR) testing. Please plan 30 minutes for this test.