2016 Salute, Inc. Tactical Challenge Course Overview

2016TacticalChallengePromoWelcome to the 2016 Salute, Inc. Tactical Challenge. Event host, Elite Athletic Development | CrossFit Arlington Heights, donates 100 percent of event fees to help Salute, Inc., in its mission to meet the financial, physical and emotional needs of military service members, veterans and their families.

Please take a moment to review the following event information and watch the 2016 Salute, Inc. Tactical Challenge Movement Demos. If you have any questions, please email Karen@eadperformancecenter.com. Thanks for your support of Salute, Inc.

  • Participants run the Salute, Inc. 5k until they reach the Tac2016SaluteMovementOverviewtical Challenge Course entrance, which is located at North Hickory Avenue & East Miner Street, just short of the 5k finish line chutes. From there, participants will proceed through the nine-station Tactical Challenge Course.
  • Station #1 | 20 Burpees. Starting from a standing position, participants will place both hands on the ground, jump or step both feet back to a plank position and then drop until the chest fully touches the ground. Participants will then push up to the plank position, jump or step both feet back to the hands, jump or stand up, reaching both arms overhead to clap as they do. Video Demo.


  • Station #2 | Low Crawl. Participants will Army Crawl under a low barrier.
  • Station #3 | 20 Sandbag Ground to Overhead. Participants will pick up a sandbag from the ground (40# Men / 20# Women), lift it overhead until both arms lock out, and then return it to the starting position on the ground. Participants may complete the overhead portion of movement in one of the following ways: Thruster, Press, Push Press, Push Jerk or Split Jerk. Please do not drop or throw the sandbag or you will incur a 10 Burpee penalty. Video Demo.
  • Station #4 | Bear Crawl. Participants will Bear Crawl from Station #3 to Station #5. Video Demo.
  • Station #5 | 20 Hands Release Push Ups. Participants will start from a plank position, lower their body until their chest touches the ground, lift up both hands, place both hands back on the ground, and push up until they return to the plank position, with arms fully extended. Video Demo.
  • Station #6 | Cone Hop. Participants will hop or step over a series of cones of varying heights. Video Demo.
  • Station #7 | 20 Pair Overhead Plate Lunges. Participants will pick up a bumper plate (25# Men / 15# Women) from the ground and lift it overhead until both arms are fully locked out. Participants will then step out until the front leg achieves roughly a 90-degree angle and the back knee touches the ground. The Participant will continue to alternate stepping out and back to complete 40 repetitions of the movement (20 right / 20 left). Video Demo.
  • Station #8 | Low Crawl. See Station #2
  • Station #9 | Burpees. See Station #1.

Inaugural Fitness Mile Celebrates Healthy Living

The crew pre-race. It was a chilly morning, but at least we beat the rain!

Thanks to the great ladies who joined us for the inaugural National Women’s Health Week / CrossFit Axis Fitness Mile Run / Walk. It was a fun morning and we look forward to seeing you at the Salute, Inc. Memorial Day 5k & 10k Sunday, May 29.

Chase the link below the picture for registration info: http://www.saluteinc.org/page/show/149844-salute-inc-got-freedom-5k-10k-run-and-5k-walk