Week One in Review: April Olympic Lift-Focused Programming.

Contributed by Coach Josh

The week started for some with excitement and others anxiety, but by Saturday almost every athlete anticipated the PRs they will post  April 28 as we focus our Strength & Power programming exclusively on Snatches and Clean & Jerks, and movements to support the Olympic Lifts.

Athletes quickly recognized how jam-packed the one-hour Strength & Power classes would be with a combination of instruction, skill development & practice, and lift progressions. All the performance coaches appreciate how attentively you listened and stayed on task – and that you were willing to stay a few minutes after to complete the lift cycle when programming ran long.

Maggie is on board with lifting heavy s***.

Feedback from Week One was positive, and it was great to hear how many of our woman – many who never touched a barbell before becoming part of the Elite Athletic Development Community – are excited to give real Strength & Power training their full attention for the month of April. We know that women absolutely love the confidence they gain in all areas of their life by lifting heavy s***.

It was also great to get a chance to talk up the benefits of Olympic Lift training, which include a lower resting heart rate, lower blood pressure, increased lean body mass, and decreased body fat.  Research also supports that this type of programming will improve athletic performance in sprinting and explosive jumping (aka vertical jumps). And let’s not forget the most important factor of them all: Olympic Lift training, especially in a community filled with so many great people, is fun. It goes without saying how unbelievably supportive you were to each other, and how that support helped people overcome mental and physical barriers. There may be only one person holding the bar, but there is an entire community lifting the weight.

We encourage athletes who want to improve their Snatches and Clean & Jerks follow the prescribed schedule to get the best benefit of the training cycle.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday — Lift training
Friday – Make-up Day OR Active Recovery, including stretching, foam rolling, Coach Karen’s Sport Yoga class, Coach Becky’s Mobility & Recover Workshop, or a long walk
Saturday – Lift (8 a.m. Advanced WOD)
Sunday — Complete and total rest day

Each Monday starts a new phase of the programming which builds from the previous week’s work. If you haven’t already done so, mark your calendar for Saturday, April 28 where we will put a month of training to the test with 1RM lifts.

If you missed Week One, don’t fear – just get on board the week of April 9! Also be sure to track your lifts in your training log.

What did you think about Week One? Let us know!

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