Winter 1 2018 Strength & Conditioning Cycle Starts This Week.

No better way to start 2018 than with a barbell in hand.

The first Strength & Conditioning Cycle of 2018 kicks off Tuesday, Jan. 2, and there is no better way to start the new year.

Olympic Lift Technique. Custom Strength Work. CrossFit Open Prep.

The dual aim of the Winter 1 Cycle is to help athletes of all levels improve  Olympic Lift technique and help them prepare for the CrossFit Open. In addition, EAD | CFAH Performance Coaches will work with each athlete to supplement the scheduled lift with accessory movements specific to their development needs.

Programming will feature a three-day lift schedule, with Open Gym always available for athletes who miss a workout.

  • Monday / Tuesday. Lighter weights; emphasis on speed, technique, and conditioning. Think loads of < 70% 1RM.
  • Wednesday / Thursday. Heavier weights; loads will build & volume will decrease. Think loads of >80% 1RM.
  • Friday / Saturday. Medium weights; always expect at least one barbell complex.

If you’re crunched for time, the Olympic Lifts take priority. Athletes are encouraged to supplement the Winter 1 Strength & Conditioning Cycle with one or two CrossFit, Boot Camp or Rowing workouts per week. Ideally, athletes will complete Strength & Conditioning classes on Monday – Wednesday – Friday, and CrossFit, Boot Camp, or Rowing Boot Camp classes on some combination of Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday.

A Focus On Individualized Skill + Accessory Work.

Whether you plan to accept the challenge of the CrossFit Open or not, be ready to see plenty of Pull Ups and TTB work — two movements featured in the CrossFit Open every year — in this Strength & Conditioning Cycle. Spend time talking with EAD | CFAH Performance Coaches on the most productive progression for you.

In addition, the EAD | CFAH Performance Coaches will help you isolate and include accessory work most beneficial to achieving your performance goals. And, if you’re newer to the Strength & Conditioning class, a performance coach will help you get started.

Set Your January – February – March Performance Goals.

Take time to set your first quarter goals. Coach Karen will meet with you in person or by phone. Don’t miss this opportunity for Results. Not Resolutions.

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