Winter Wonderland WOD l 12.21.13, 9 a.m. Only


Athletes will be assigned to one of the following teams: The Ralphie’s, The Buddy’s, The McClane’s, The Cousin Eddie’s, The Bill Mack’s’ or The Griswold’s.

Each team will be scored on total finish time AND total rounds + stranded reps. Teams must record the start time of the 12′ AMRAP, and their overall finish time on the floor by their station. A 15″ time penalty will be assessed for every team member who does not complete one or more movements Rx. The team does not proceed to AMRAP until all members completes the Burpees. Team score determines order to select grab bag gifts. Please only hit the grab bag if you brought a gift to exchange.

Buy In: 25 Burpees / Person
12 Weighted Sit Ups (10# / 15#)
12 Ring Body Rows
12 Plate Ground to Overhead (25# / 45#)
12 Pair Walking Lunges
Cash Out: 2500m Team Row


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