WOD 04/03/11

Julianne exits the transition area at the Spirit of Racine Half Ironman

Today starts the new programming for CrossFit Axis!

We will be scheduling a scaled version of the Strength and Conditioning workout-of-the-day (S&C) for endurance athletes that will be doing a sport specific (run, bike, swim, row) workout in the same day.

Mondays are a designated recovery day, so you can take the day off and rest or do the S&C workout.

Power Clean, 3-3-3-3-3, 2:00 RI between sets.
For time:
10 Unbroken sets of 10 KBS (53#/35#)

*You do not have to put KB down.  For example, if you do 30 unbroken, that is 3
sets.  But must be in sets of unbroken 10.  So 29 unbroken will get you 2 sets.

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