WOD Mon. 06/14/10

CFAH_0610 021 1. Touch and Go deadlift, 10 reps x 4 sets, rest 10 sec

2. Ring
Dips, AMRAP x 4 sets, rest 180 sec


3 sets:
KBS, 15-20
AMRAP Push-ups
Rest 60 sec

No pausing at top/bottom
for deadlift and push-ups – constant motion.

Here is how this
The deadlift is not a max deadlift weight. It is a weight that
you are able to do quickly (touch and go) as if you were doing "Diane"
or another fast Crossfit MetCon. Weight is going to vary for each
person. After a set of deadlifts, you have 10 sec. to get to a set of
rings and do as many dips as possible, then take 3 min. before
repeating. The other half of the workout is Kettle Bell Swings (weight
is determined by the individual, but you must complete 15-20 reps of
that weight in one continuous attempt. Following the swings, immediately
attempt a max set of push
with no pausing, constant motion until you fail. Rest 60 sec.
and repeat for given sets.

QOD: What’s the first thing you do when you walk in the gym for class?

photo: Heather C. and Kelly enjoying stick jumps.


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