WOD Mon. 07/12/10

CFAH_0710 004 Hang Squat Clean, 15-15-15, rest at least 4 min between sets


rounds for time:

50 Double Unders

15 DB Thrusters (35#/20#) 

photo: Good mornings and sit ups during a recent WOD with Mike O., Dave M3. and Courtney D.

Recap of Yesterday's Olympic Lifting Meet:

After having a day to reflect I’d like to recap the
memorable moments from this summer’s Olympic Weightlifting meet held at Windy
City Crossfit (WCCF) in
Chicago on July
the 10th.  For those who don’t
know, an O-Lifting Meet is comprised of the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk.  Each athlete gets three attempts at achieving
their best score (weight) in each lift. 
Here are the athletes that represented Crossfit Arlington Heights and the
first thing that comes to my mind when I think about their performance at WCCF.  



Jackie Haynes: Jackie received some of the loudest cheers of
the day.  From the looks of it, you would
have never have known she was competing in her first O-Lifting meet.  I also want to note that in my book she
received the “nicest to the bar” award, as she refused to drop the bar no
matter how heavy the weight got.


Laura Mode: Laura does not appear to be human.  Word on the street is she began Crossfit only
a couple months ago, however her form and technique says otherwise.  It is completely possible that Dave and her
own an Olympic Bar and weights and spend hours practicing.  


Sammy Olson: The top moment that stands out in my mind is
after Sammy successfully completed her last lift of the day she calmly came
over and gave Team Arlington Heights high fives and then proceeded to tackle
Laura leaving everyone around stunned/confused for a short period of time.


Heather Refenes: Heather had the best finish on the day of
any Crossfit Arlington Heights athlete tying for first in her division.  All the hard work and dedication she put in
from the last meet in December up to this meet really showed.  I also heard a complement directed towards
Heather that she “looked really fit.” 
Finally the concept of looking fit might be catching on.


Dave Mode: For some reason my top memory of Dave may have
not been noticed by many or anyone at all for that matter.  It seemed as if every time Dave came up to
the bar to attempt a lift, they had to ask him to wait a second.  This wait was due to various reasons such as
the changing of weight on the bar because it wasn’t right or because the order
of the lifters was wrong.  None the less,
in typical Dave style, he smiled, shrugged it off and continued to hit his
lifts when his time finally came.


Brian Olson: Brian is officially the first Crossfitter to
compete at an O-Lifting Meet and treat it as if it were a MetCon.  In short, he went ahead and attempted and
successfully completed all three of his snatch lifts before any other athlete
in his division could even touch the bar. 
The funny thing is, this might have been Brian’s plan the entire
time.  No one knows?


Josh Refenes: Josh really is competing with the big
dogs.  It was inspiring to see him
throwing around that much weight and make it look that effortless.  I also want to add that the word power clean
or power snatch does not exist in Josh’s dictionary.  His forms in both lifts have come a long way
and that speaks volumes to his hard work. 

It was a great day all around for Crossfit Arlington
Heights.  I can’t begin to tell you how
proud I am of all of you who competed and how well you all represented
EAD.  Keep working hard and I look
forward to watching all of you compete at the next O-Lifting meet at the
sweatbox (seriously a 100 + degrees the entire day) known as Windy City


-Josh S (J Srou) 


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