WOD Thur. 06/10/10

WarriorDash09 007 Ring Dip, AMRAP x 3 sets, rest 60 sec

Strict Pull Up, AMRAP x 3
sets, rest 60 sec


"Christine"3 rounds for time:

m Row

12 Deadlift @ bodyweight

21 Box Jumps – 20"

Dips and Pull-Ups are done in alternating sets.  Meaning, do one set of
dips, then after 60 sec rest, do one set of pull-ups.  Repeat, two more
times.  Only record highest number of each exercise in one set.  Then,
time for MetCon."

  QOD – Are
you concerned about what you wear during a workout?


photo: A little over a week before this year's Warrior Dash!

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