WOD Tue. 07/20/10

CFAH_0710 017 Alternating exercise on the minute style:

Box Jumps (24"/20") –
Minutes – 1st/3rd/5th/7th/etc.

Push-ups – minutes –
For the first 8 total min. you must do 8
reps and use the remainder to rest. 
For min 8-16 you must do 16
reps and use remainder to rest, and for min. 16-24
it is 24 reps
with remainder to rest.  The cap is at 24min.  The goal is to

all rep schemes in the allotted time over the course of 24min.

photo: Jackie H. racking up the double unders.

QOD: What were your impressions of this year's CrossFit Games and where do you see them headed?

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