WOD Tue. 07/27/10

CF_Level1_2010 229 A1. AMRAP Push Press, 5 sets, rest 120 sec

A2. AMRAP Pull Ups, 5 sets, rest 120 sec


Unbroken sets in 5 minutes:
10 Double Unders


**Do A1. for 1 set, then rest 2 min (or 120 sec.) and do A2. for 1 set.  Record

highest total reps for a single set out of the 5 sets for each exercise.

photo: Rory and Chris, along with another cert participant, get in on the action during "Apollo 13".

QOD: What is your primary goal or outcome from CrossFit?

Equipment note: Please don't knot or kink the wire jump ropes.

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