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photo: Bill A., one of our newest OnRampers powers up the sledding hill during the invasion WOD last Sunday.

Impact Television – “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution”
Written by Tabitha Stine for CrossFit Invictus

I was passed along a link from our good friend and coach Mark Riebel
to check out this new television program airing Friday’s at 9pm on ABC
called, “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.”  After watching the first
episode, I was utterly inspired.  Jamie Oliver, a chef from England,
filmed this new series in Huntington, West Virginia which was labeled,
“the unhealthiest city in America,” by the Center for Disease Control.
 Through his television show and grass-roots campaign, Jamie’s taking on
the enormous task of revolutionizing the landscape of food in America.

Leading the charge in schools, Jamie’s working to bring about change
in the school food programs of America, to eliminate the processed crap
and to provide affordable, fresh, nutritious meals to our nation’s

As a mother of four, I pack my kids lunch every day to ensure they
are eating nutritious meals.  However, for many kids in America, school
lunches are the only option.  Thirty one million kids eat school food
for one to two meals per day, 180 days out of the year.  You can see how
important it is to get fresh, real food into the schools and to educate
kids about healthy eating.  In episode one, Jamie Oliver visits a first
grade class and none of the students can even identify the names of
basic vegetables.  It’ll sicken you!

Thankfully at Invictus and within our community, we are surrounded by
great resources for educating ourselves and our families about diet and
exercise.  There are, however, millions in our country who are not as
fortunate as we are.  Although I may not completely agree with his
entire outlook of what healthy eating looks like, I do believe Jamie
Oliver is working toward positive and necessary change.  I am a mother,
 I work at a school every day, and I support Jamie Oliver’s Food

“I wish for everyone to help create a strong, sustainable movement to
educate every child about food, inspire families to cook again and
empower people everywhere to fight obesity.” – Jamie Oliver

If you are interested in learning more about Jaimie Oliver’s food
revolution, here are some links you can go to :

www.hulu.com – Type in “food revolution” to watch
any previous episodes.

Sign the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Petition

Oliver TED Lecture

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