WOD Wed. 11/10/10

CFAH_1110 033 Partner workout. Each partner is tasked to finish the following work:

    * 2 muscle-ups
    * 4 rope climbs
    * 6 HSPUs  (2 abmats)
    * 8 knees to elbows
    * 10 ring dips
    * 12 burpees
    * 14 wall balls (M:20# 10’ / W:16# 8’)
    * 16 kettlebell swings (M:50#/W:30#)
    * 18 pull-ups
    * 20 dumbbell thrusters (M:35#/W:25#)
    * 22 Tire back extensions
    * 24 GHD sit-ups
    * 26 air squats
    * 28 double unders

One partner rows 500m while the other chips away at the work one item (in order) at a time. Once the first rower is done with 500m, the partners switch. Each person will row 500m five times. Always start your work where you left off. Each partner will post the time that it took to finish all 14 movements, but will continue to switch on the row until five 500m rows have been completed.

workout courtesy of CrossFit One World.

photo: Kristen sets the EAD women's Deadlift record only to be surpassed by Amy P. one hour later. We're still trying to add up all the new PR's set as this strength bias cycle comes to a close. Great Job Everyone!

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