Fiscal Fitness Starts with a Physically Fit Workforce.

Workplace Wellness

Research indicates the fitter your workforce, the fatter your profits. That’s because a fit employee body has higher productivity, greater job satisfaction and lower absenteeism.

DukeUniversityresearchers found the value of lost productivity due to health problems far exceeded the medical costs. The study also notes that the per capita cost of full-time workers with a Body Mass Index greater than 40 exceeds $15,500, a figure primarily driven by presenteeism, or lost productivity on the job due to health problems. Another study estimates employers pay $602 per worker annually for unanticipated absenteeism, primarily due to job-related stress. And according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, back injuries—the most common reason for absenteeism in the general workforce after the common cold—cost employers billions of dollars annually.

The nationally-certified health & fitness professionals at Elite Athletic Development can help your company—large or small—avoid these unnecessary costs of doing business by helping you create a culture of wellness in your organization. Our custom programming will help your employees make long-term changes to their health, which in turn will reward your company with increased productivity, reduced healthcare premiums, lower absenteeism, fewer accidents and higher retention.

Promoting wellness in the workplace is something every company, regardless of size and budget, can do. And the benefits are well worth the investment. Email Coach Karen,, for details.