Yes, Virginia. You Really Can CrossFit.

By Becky Rivard
CrossFit Women Performance & Programming / Fitness Boot Camp Performance Coach / Athletic Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist & Certified Personal Trainer


Kathy S started as a Fitness Boot Camp athlete and now tears up the CrossFit Women WODs

The idea of CrossFit can be very intimidating, especially for some women. The thought of doing deadlifts, snatches, and pull-ups seems a little bit scary and might turn away even the bravest of women. Here at EAD/CFAH we wanted to create an environment where women can experience everything CrossFit has to offer-minus the intimidation factor. Thus the Women’s CrossFit program was born. Taught by women for women, these classes combine teaching of fundamental movements with CrossFit style workouts in a more relaxed environment.

Since the start of this program, I have seen tremendous growth with more and more women giving CrossFit a try. So how are things going? From a coaching perspective, I could easily rattle off 10 or 12 words to describe the classes and how they have impacted the lives of so many wonderful ladies. However, my observations pale in comparison to what the women themselves have to say about the CrossFit Women’s program.

My unofficial survey of the women in these classes revealed nothing but positive thoughts. First, they described the workouts as challenging, yet exhilarating. These women feel strong, empowered, and energized during class. There is an amazing sense of camaraderie and community among the women that keeps them coming back for more. They always feel encouraged and motivated, even on days when they are tired or sore or the workout seems impossible. They are pushed to their limits and, as a result, grow both physically and mentally stronger.

Ask any one of the women and they’ll tell you that CrossFit isn’t as scary as they once thought. This concept of CrossFit that once seemed beyond their ability is now possible. This is exactly what we had in mind last summer when creating the CrossFit Women program. My vision for the future is that this program will continue to grow bigger and better and more women will come to know and love the CrossFit Women classes at Elite Athletic Development North Arlington Heights / CrossFit Arlington Heights.

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