Youth Athletic Development

Stronger, Quicker, Tougher.

Elite Athletic Development’s Youth AD program is ideal for the motivated student athlete age 12-18 looking to improve sports performance. No fads. No magic bullets. No short cuts. Instead, our disciplined, rigorous and proven approach develops better all-around athletes using protocols based in exercise science and research.

The EAD Youth AD program starts with stabilization, balance and coordination development. We then challenge the student athlete with strength and power development to build the speed, agility and quickness that makes the difference on the field, rink or court.

Student athletes love a challenge—but they also want to have fun—which we ensure with a wide variety of competitive elements built into the workout program. These elements motivate the student athlete, and provide us with a series of benchmark metrics to gauge progress.

Individual or Small Group Youth Athletic Development.

EAD’s proven strength and conditioning program that builds well-rounded student athletes through movements and drills that increase strength, power, speed & agility.

Team Training.

Ask us how we can help your child’s club, school, league or recreational team improve sports performance. We offer special sessions and pricing discounts for teams or groups of four or more.