CrossFit Arlington Heights/Elite Athletic Members-

Things are continuing to improve, the doors are open, the weather is warming and the positive vibes are flowing. Below are a couple of updates.  Please review and let us know if you have any questions.

1.  As of Monday May 3rd we will be increasing our class roster numbers from 11 to 16. As we have been saying during announcements, this means the floor set up will look different and more athletes will be in each section of the gym. We have removed the taped boxes from the floor and will be putting down chalk Xs this week. These will be used to designate an athletes work area.

There may be days when we will be going to have to share equipment. This includes but is not limited to rowers, bikes, climbing ropes and sleds. These are unique pieces of equipment.

As we continue to move forward we understand not all athletes are at the same comfort level. Please email Jeff ( and Web (   We will communicate with all coaches privately.

Please remember, athletes will continue to wear their masks upon arrival and anytime you move throughout the gym.  This includes use of the restroom, hand washing and equipment gathering.

2. This past week saw the removal and replacement of some old waste ejector pipes. We thank you for your flexibility and patience. As stated in a previous email, your continued help in only flushing toilet paper, poop and pee is appreciated. The small waste cans in each bathroom will stay and are for anything that needs to be thrown away in the bathrooms. Thank you again for your help with this.


Web, Jeff, SJ, Kate, Michelle, Chris, Heather and David