About Us

Experience a workout community where people care about you, and create health & fitness programs with your goals in mind.

Jim Inman founded Elite Athletic Development with the simple premise that the “everyday athlete” deserves access to the same strength and conditioning training used by top-caliber collegiate and professional athletes.

Inman honed his vision after listening to members of the high-end fitness facility where he worked at the time lament that they just weren’t seeing results. Their 5k time never got faster. They didn’t lose weight. They suffered through endurance events. They couldn’t swap out body fat for lean muscle mass. They experienced recurring injuries. They were bored. Yet they continued to slog through the same machine-based workouts day after day.

Inman knew that if he could pry people off the elliptical trainer and into a dynamic, functional fitness program with other motivated people he could tap into their athletic potential even if they didn’t know it existed!

He should know. A former heavy smoker, Inman started running when his 40- something Mother signed up for a local 10k. He sputtered and coughed through those initial training sessions, but he was hooked. Now an accomplished endurance athlete—Inman has completed multiple marathons, IronMan Triathlons, and hundreds of local triathlons, running races and bicycle races—he knows first-hand the impact of training like a champion.

Everyone at Elite Athletic Development is an athlete—regardless of age, size, shape or current fitness level. Our nationally-certified health and fitness professionals adapt the training techniques used by top-level athletes to help everyone from Soccer Moms to Student Athletes to Seniors to Special Ops Forces achieve their goals.

We know our programs deliver results because we regularly track progress and performance. More importantly, our athletes tell us they recognize the difference in their lives. They have more power, strength and agility; improved balance, flexibility, and range of motion; reduced injuries; stronger athletic performance; weight loss; body composition changes; enhanced confidence; and they just feel better.

If you’re looking to get fit fast—and your motivation matches your goals—Elite Athlete Development is the place for you. No secrets. No gimmicks. Just results.