Life-Long Learner.
Chris returned to college to earn her Doctor of Physical Therapy license after her kids were in school full-time. She’s been in practice for more than 20 years and specializes in orthopedics and spine rehabilitation.

Life In Addition to EAD | CFAH.
Certified Tai Chi instructor, kayaking, working out with her kids and grandkids, walking, enjoying time at the family cottage.

Life Before EAD | CFAH.
Physical therapist for Midwest Physical Therapy, where she still contributes on occasion; dryland coach for a local swim team.

The Quality She Most Admires in the People She Trains.

Perseverance. I admire anyone who has a goal to reach and will do anything to achieve it.

Her Favorite Indulgence.  

Potato chips … I cannot have them in the house!

Hitting the Books.

B.S., Physical Therapy, Rosalind Franklin University

Alphabet Soup.

  • Board Certified Physical Therapist
  • Tai Chi Certified Instructor